Unveiling the San Francisco Bay Joint Venture Implementation Strategy – Conserving the SF Bay Area’s Unique Ecosystems and Wildlife.

SFBJV partners were thrilled to celebrate the completion and release of our updated Implementation Strategy on October 14, 2022, in person at the Richardson Bay Audubon Sanctuary in Tiburon, California. The celebration honored the work of close to one hundred individuals, including our Management Board, other leadership, working committee members, and staff who contributed to this effort.  

The updated strategy presents a well-researched and achievable vision for the restoration of the Estuary and other important habitats throughout the SFBJV region. It embraces and expands upon the 2015 Baylands Ecosystem Habitat Goals Update, while working in concert with other regional plans like the 2022 Estuary Blueprint to provide needed guidance to those in and beyond our partnership who will be carrying on this work in the years ahead.

Scientific studies from the SF Bay Area predict that sea levels will rise up to one meter by 2100. The SFBJV strategy lays the framework for implementing projects founded on nature-based solutions and building climate resilience. We identify that a 14-fold acceleration, in both the pace and scale of conservation efforts is needed to meet our San Francisco Estuary goals.  Expanded action is also needed to meet newly identified acreage and functional goals for Watershed and Outer Coast habitats.

Our ambitious strategy highlights specific habitat and waterfowl goals for our partnership that also contribute to federal and state 30 x 30 goals. To date, we have helped conserve more than 60,000 acres of wildlife habitat. Through continued collaboration and action, we aim to increase funding and project implementation and expand our partnership and capacity. As a conservation community, we must adapt to emergent issues to protect, restore, and enhance our vital ecosystems. Here at the SFBJV, we are committed to collaborating together to ensure a brighter future for us all.