Our working committees are where ideas are put into action.

Our committees are working groups of people who meet regularly to discuss anything and everything that may impact our efforts to protect and restore Bay Area wetlands and the birds and other animals who rely on them. Membership is open to anyone, but particularly those with an interest or involvement in bird conservation and/or all aspects of wetland restoration including design, permitting, project management, construction, research, monitoring, education and more. Each committee has a chair, a charter, and is supported by SFBJV staff. 

If you are interested in joining a committee please reach out directly to the committee chair.


Julian Wood
Point Blue Conservation Science

Julian Wood, Chair

This is where the conservation community comes together to get habitat projects reviewed and implemented. It is also the place where partners can exchange information, stay current on the latest science and research, share observations from monitoring efforts, discuss emerging issues, present findings and discoveries and/or propose and review restoration projects for adoption.

Partner Organizations


Renee Spenst
Ducks Unlimited

Renee Spenst, Ph.D. , Chair

The science committee advises both the conservation committee and management board. Members are sought for their expertise to help facilitate and coordinate science that can inform and guide our habitat priorities and management decisions.

Partner Organizations


Sonoma Land TRust

Ariana Rickard, Chair

The policy committee is responsible for tracking and analyzing policy issues and recommending policy positions to the SFBJV management board for approval and adoption. This committee serves as a regional, collaborative forum for discussing, analyzing, and elevating policy issues of interest to the partnership. Members who are able participate in the Association of Joint Venture Management Boards Fly-in meeting either virtually or in person in DC each year.

Partner Organizations


Darcie Luce
San Francisco Estuary Partnership

Darcie Luce, Co-Chair

The regional communications team meets regularly to discuss best practices, strategies and tools for communicating about trending and emerging issues related to wetlands, wetland restoration, diversity, equity and inclusion and the estuary at large.

Partner Organizations

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Casey Arndt
Audubon California

Casey Skinner, Chair

The purpose of this committee is to incorporate the values of equity, diversity, and inclusion in the governance and operations of the San Francisco Bay Joint Venture (SFBJV) partnership. The committee acknowledges that intentionally and authentically creating equitable spaces elevates all of the SFBJV conservation and habitat restoration goals. Furthermore, the thoughtful integration of EDI principles is both morally right and pragmatic to advance conservation in San Francisco Bay. 

As our newest working committee, our list of participating partner organizations is currently under development.