Jeff McCreary Honored with the Bruce Wolfe Spirit of Conservation Award!

On Friday, October 14th, the San Francisco Bay Joint Venture (SFBJV) awarded Jeff McCreary the Bruce Wolfe Spirit of Conservation Award. This award recognizes individuals and organizations who are significantly advancing wetland habitat conservation in the Bay Area. Jeff’s dedication to the mission of the San Francisco Bay Joint Venture (SFBJV) includes chairing both the SFBJV Management Board (2019- 2022) and the Implementation Planning Team. Tangible outcomes of his leadership are numerous and include the 2022 SFBJV Implementation Strategy, a two-year operational plan, and a new set of bylaws, all which outline key focal areas for our partnership and enhance our ability to deliver on our conservation goals. His dedication even extends to the less glamorous tasks of editing, agenda-setting, guiding staff, and everything in between. Jeff’s benevolent leadership continues to bring our conservation community closer together as we expand and accelerate our actions to improve habitat for wildlife throughout the region. 

But wait! Jeff’s work doesn’t end with the SFBJV. He is a key player in four Joint Ventures across the Western US and chairs the Association of Joint Venture Management Boards. His role with the Migratory Bird Joint Venture Program includes advocating for increased funding and recognition at the federal level. Three consecutive budget increases for JVs of $2.42 million can be credited in large part to his leadership and strategic guidance. His dedication and hard work inspires and engages a broad national community and we are grateful for Jeff’s continued commitment to landscape-scale conservation. Thank you Jeff!