Bruce Wolfe Spirit of Conservation Award


Bruce Wolfe was a long-time SFBJV champion and a highly valued Bay Area Conservation community member. He served for almost two decades on the SFBJV Management Board and actively engaged in SFBJV working committees.  In his role as SF Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board Executive Officer he helped partners navigate the practical and regulatory challenges of implementing wetland conservation projects.

The conservation community was saddened to lose Bruce in February 2020.  To honor his remarkable legacy, we established an award program in his name to recognize individuals and organizations who are significantly advancing conservation of wetland habitat in the Bay Area. 

Bruce was the first person to receive this award, posthumously presented to his family after his memorial service in November of 2021.

Attributes of potential honorees:  Honorees can come from nonprofits, agencies, or private industry.  While it is unlikely that we will come across many candidates that represent Bruce’s full range of accomplishments, talents, and engagement style, we seek those who represent some combination of the following qualities: 

  • Significant contributor to conservation in the Bay Area.
  • Champion of partnership-based collaboration; I.e. someone who works across boundaries to achieve maximum results. 
  • Ability to view and influence the landscape from top to bottom, engaging from high level policy issues to the important details of on the ground actions. 
  • Problem-solver who can remove practical barriers, like permit issues. 
  • Understanding of conservation challenges and commitment to solutions.
  • Kind, caring, respectful, and highly regarded in the conservation community.
  • Passionate belief in the mission of the SFBJV.
  • Ability to create linkages between other partners and stakeholders. 

Other considerations:  

  • Awards may be given to partners representing all sectors of our JV – from policy to science, advocacy to permitting or regulatory agencies. 
  • The SFBJV may award from 0-4 awards annually.
  • When feasible, the award ceremony will take place at the annual Management Board retreat, another appropriate venue or timely event. 

Nominees can be submitted at any time to SFBJV Management Board Chair, Caitlin Sweeney or Coordinator, Sandra Scoggin.