California Environmental Grassroots Fund

The California Environmental Grassroots Fund supports small grassroots groups across California that are tackling tough environmental problems including toxic pollution, urban sprawl, sustainable agriculture, climate change, environmental degradation of our rivers and wild places, as well as, of our communities and our health. The Grassroots Fund is a pooled re-granting fund supported by about 20 funding partners. In addition to being one of the funding partners, Rose Foundation serves as the Grassroots Fund’s host and trustee. Guided by a board of community activists and veteran funders, the Fund’s mission is to bridge a significant gap between grassroots environmental groups and the traditional funding patterns of organized philanthropy by awarding small grants to organizations that are underserved by most foundations’ funding strategies.

The Grassroots Fund has an application deadline every 3 months. Applications must be submitted by 5pm on the deadline date of: Feb 1, June 1, and Dec 1.

Funding Agency

Rose Foundation



$5,000 or less

Funding Cycle

The first of Feb, June and November

Application Deadline

June 1, 2023