Five Star and Urban Waters Restoration Grant Program

The Five Star and Urban Waters Restoration Program focuses on the stewardship and restoration of coastal, wetland and riparian ecosystems across the country. Its goal is to meet the conservation needs of important species and habitats, providing measurable and meaningful conservation and educational outcomes. The program requires the establishment and/or enhancement of diverse partnerships and … Read more

Wetlands Action for People

Pitch for the Grant 2023, is seeking to support ideas or approaches of ongoing or planned initiatives anywhere in the world with demonstrated capacity to be applied and replicated in areas with similar characteristics. Eligible ideas could include: Techniques for conservation, restoration and wise use of wetland ecosystems including their resources Community effort or engagement … Read more

Disney Conservation Fund

In 2023, the Disney Conservation Fund is offering a streamlined opportunity for eligible organizations to apply for a two-year conservation grant of $100,000 to advance community-based efforts that protect biodiversity and restore habitats. Applications were due on November 1, 2022. This was their only open call for conservation funding proposals in 2023.  The standard Inspiring … Read more

Cornell Land Trust Bird Conservation Initiative

This program provides funding opportunities to facilitate impactful projects that accelerate and amplify bird conservation and land stewardship on land trust properties and easements. There are three grant tracks available: Capacity and Partnership Projects – up to 6 grants of $5,000 each Management and Restoration Projects – 8 grants of $25,000 each

Fund for Wild Nature

The Fund provides small grants for North American campaigns to save native species and wild ecosystems, with particular emphasis on actions designed to defend threatened wilderness and biological diversity. The fund supports biocentric goals that are premised on effective and intelligible strategies with special attention to ecological issues not currently receiving sufficient public attention and … Read more

Landscape Conservation Catalyst Fund

The Catalyst Fund strives to accelerate the pace and practice of landscape conservation across the United States by making strategic investments in strengthening the collaborative infrastructure and coordination capacity of place-based, community-grounded Landscape Conservation Partnerships. The Catalyst Fund prioritizes the transition from collective vision to collective action. At this inflection point, participants have already demonstrated … Read more

Land Trust Bird Conservation Initiative

The 2023 land trust grant program will fund up to fourteen grants via two tracks: Capacity and Partnership Projects: 6 grants of $5,000 each Management and Restoration Projects: 8 grants of $25,000 each This is an annual grant cycle with the RFP for the small grant program opening in January and proposals due March 1. … Read more

Northern California Environmental Grassroots Fund

The California Environmental Grassroots Fund supports small and emerging local groups across California that are building climate resilience and advancing environmental justice. Grassroots Fund grantees tackle the toughest environmental problems facing their communities from toxic pollution, urban sprawl, sustainable agriculture, and climate advocacy, to the environmental degradation of our rivers and wild places and the … Read more

Temper of the Times Foundation grants

Temper of the Times Foundation provides funds only to nonprofit organizations classified as 501(c)(3) public charities by the Internal Revenue Service. The Foundation does not provide grants to individuals, for-profit organizations, or government agencies. Grants are typically between $5,000 and $15,000 and are awarded for projects related to increasing awareness about wildland ecosystem conservation in … Read more

Patagonia Environmental Grants

Patagonia funds only environmental work and is most interested in providing grants to organizations that identify and work on the root causes of problems and that approach issues with a commitment to long-term change. They believe true change will occur only through a strong grassroots movement and focus on organizations that build a strong base … Read more