Addressing Climate Impacts

For projects addressing urgent degrading water and habitat conditions due to climate change impacts, a portion of which will be available for grants. Eligible uses of these funds include purchasing water from willing sellers to benefit wildlife, protecting instream flows, building water conservation projects, implementing emergency restoration activities, and conservation strategies identified in the State … Read more

California Grants Portal (CDFW)

California Department of Fish and Wildlife maintains a grants portal page with any and all of the latest information regarding CDFW grant opportunities.

Continuing Authorities Program – ACE

The Corps’ Continuing Authorities Program, or CAP is one such example. CAP is a group of nine water resource related authorities, all of which seek to help with the planning, design, and construction phases of projects with limited scope and complexity, and a $10 million dollar ceiling for the Federal share of cost. One of … Read more

Marin County Wildlife Conservation, Education Grants

Nonprofits that support nature and wildlife education have until March 6 to apply for grants to support environmentally friendly promotions through the Marin County Fish and Wildlife Commission. Grants worth up to $5,000 are earmarked for promotions of environmental and habitat restoration projects in Marin County. About a dozen nonprofits are awarded grants annually through … Read more

Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund

Pacific salmon and steelhead are much more than essential elements of a healthy Pacific Coast ecosystem. They are cultural icons woven into the fabric of local communities and economies. Salmon runs tie the region’s people to the landscape, but pressures from a changing environment and human activities have compromised the strength of these runs. The … Read more

The Environmental Justice Government-to-Government (EJG2G) program

The Environmental Justice Government-to-Government (EJG2G) program provides funding at the state, local, territorial, and tribal level to support government activities that lead to measurable environmental or public health impacts in communities disproportionately burdened by environmental harms. Model EJG2G programs should leverage existing resources to develop processes or tools that integrate environmental justice considerations into governmental … Read more

Environmental Justice Collaborative Problem-Solving (EJCPS) Cooperative Agreement Program

The EJCPS program assists recipients in building collaborative partnerships with other stakeholders (e.g., local businesses and industry, local government, medical service providers, academia, etc.) to develop solutions to environmental or public health issue(s) at the community level. The EJCPS Program requires selected applicants, or recipients, to use the EPA’s Environmental Justice Collaborative Problem-Solving Model to address … Read more

Delta Science Communication Fellowship

California Sea Grant is soliciting applications for a 2023 Delta Science Communication Fellow in partnership with the Delta Stewardship Council’s Delta Science Program. The fellowship provides a unique educational opportunity for an early career science communicator to gain hands-on experience in coastal, estuarine, and freshwater science communication and stakeholder engagement. The fellow will be advised … Read more

Fisheries Habitat Restoration Grant Program

The goal of the Fisheries Restoration Grant Program (FRGP) is to conserve, protect, and recover salmon and steelhead populations throughout California. While there are many stressors like pollu tants, overfishing, and climate change , FRGP tries to accomplish our goal by competitively funding grants to complete a variety of activities. The 2023 Fisheries Restoration Grant … Read more