Continuing Authorities Program – ACE

The Corps’ Continuing Authorities Program, or CAP is one such example. CAP is a group of nine water resource related authorities, all of which seek to help with the planning, design, and construction phases of projects with limited scope and complexity, and a $10 million dollar ceiling for the Federal share of cost.

One of the nine authorities within CAP is specific for beneficial use – Section 204 – and unlike the others, is not “oversubscribed.” In non-Corps vernacular, this means new projects have a greater chance of being selected for funding. And, while most CAP projects require a non-federal sponsor to share in the cost of both the feasibility study and project implementation, beneficial use of dredged materials feasibility studies do not require a local match.

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Funding Agency

Army Corps of Engineers – San Francisco


Regional CAP Production Center 415-503-6822



Funding Cycle


Application Deadline

December 30, 2023