Sediment Supply – Sedimatch

What is SediMatch?

  • A shared vision of dredged sediment and upland soils being used in wetland restoration projects in and around San Francisco Bay.
  • A collaborative effort to find strategies for the beneficial use of dredged sediment to restore wetland habitats.
  • A webtool intended to help bring together the people and projects who have sediment with those who need it, and vice versa.

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Why should I care about sediment supply?

Sediment is in short supply, yet we currently dump a majority of dredged sediment in the deep ocean instead of using it because of federal standards that need to and can change!  By beneficially reusing dredged sediment in wetland restoration we can build up shoreline elevation and jump start marsh vegetation where plants grow and thrive.  This is something we can do to make a difference and address sea level rise.

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