California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW)

Biologist – Napa-Sonoma and Petaluma Marshes Complex

CDFW seeks a dedicated biologist to work in the 15,200-acre Napa-Sonoma and Petaluma Marshes Complex (NSMWAC) which provide habitat for waterfowl, least tern, Ridgeway’s rail, and salt marsh harvest mouse. This biologist will develop and conduct wildlife species surveys on CDFW lands for the purposes of species inventory, status, production, habitat use, population trends, presence/absence, and distribution. They will also: Coordinate with other agencies, sportsmen’s/conservation groups, and private organizations for access and conducting resource assessment on CDFW lands. Provide written reports of surveys for management implications and improvements. Prepare and develop environmental documents and permits relating to habitat, development, restoration, and maintenance projects within the NSMWAC. Collect, analyze, and report salinity and other water quality data for the NSMWAC restoration projects and regulatory permit requirements. Assist, coordinate, and participate in habitat and wildlife management activities; manage water delivery systems, gates, pumps, and mixing chambers to apply water for flood and irrigation cycles to benefit wildlife and create habitat for target species.

Pay: $4,145 – $7,926/month

Location: Napa County, CA


California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW)

Date Posted

April 8, 2024

Application Deadline

April 22, 2024