CDFW Restoration Grants Funding

Proposition 68 provided funding to CDFW to award grants to projects that improve a communities ability to adapt to the unavoidable impacts of climate change; improve and protect coastal and rural economies, agricultural viability, wildlife corridors, or habitat; develop future recreational opportunities; or enhance drought tolerance, landscape resilience, and water retention.

$200 Million in New Grant Funding Available Under Drought, Climate and Nature-Based Solutions

CDFW has released its Call for Concepts (PDF)(opens in new tab) for the availability of over $200 million in new funding for multi-benefit ecosystem restoration and protection projects under Drought, Climate and Nature-Based Solutions Initiatives. The WRGB General Grant Programs Guidelines (PDF)(opens in new tab) provide detailed information on eligibility, project types, program and funding requirements.

All grants (except for FRGP) are now part of this open call for concept proposals. They are reviewed monthly for award, there is no deadline to apply. Question 11 in the FAQ describes deadlines for executing agreements and completing work based on the funding source:

Funding Agency

California Department of Fish and Wildlife



200 million

Funding Cycle


Application Deadline

December 29, 2023