Coastal Stories grant program

This program intends to make the outdoors more inclusive and welcoming for all Californians by fostering representation of Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) and other historically excluded groups in outdoor spaces – through storytelling.

All projects must present a story connected to publicly-accessible outdoors spaces within our jurisdiction, in a way that will reach the public. We seek to fund projects that plan, develop, and implement storytelling installations or materials (such as murals, signage, monuments, or guides) that represent communities and voices that may include but are not limited to BIPOC people, people with disabilities, immigrant communities, low-income communities, and other historically excluded communities. We encourage proposals for projects that are community-led, that show strong community and landowner partnerships, and that use creative forms of historical, ecological, and cultural storytelling.

Funding Agency

State Coastal Conservancy



one million available with most grants likely up to $200,000

Funding Cycle

Application Deadline

January 31, 2022