California Fish Passage Forum

Each year the Forum, as one of 20 nationally recognized fish habitat partnerships, provides targeted funding for fish passage projects in California.

Forum NFHP funds must be used for on-the-ground habitat projects and related project design, assessment, monitoring, and outreach activities for fish passage projects. Types of eligible projects may include barrier removal or construction; barrier assessments to prioritize and plan barrier removals; fish passage-related monitoring; research; land acquisition/easements; and community outreach and education actions.

In late 2020, the America’s Conservation Enhancement (ACE) Act (S. 3501) was signed into law by the President after receiving unanimous bipartisan support in both houses of Congress. In addition to supporting other important conservation programs and initiatives, the ACE Act codified NFHP at the national level and created a path for funding authorization for one of the most successful voluntary conservation efforts in the nation. Due to the passage of the ACE Act, NFHP and all 20 FHPs (including the Forum), continue to navigate a transitional period with the establishment of a new national NFHP Board, as well as changes to funding timelines, project selection criteria, and project recommendation processes.

Funding Agency

National Fish Habitat Partnership (NFHP) and the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS)



$150,000 – 250,000

Funding Cycle

Application Deadline

February 27, 2023