The SFBJV is a partnership working to protect, restore and enhance wetlands for the benefit of wildlife and people in the Bay Area.
Since 1997, SFBJV partners have completed over 150 wetland habitat projects resulting in the conservation of over 70,000 acres of habitat.

Featured Project

Bair Island

Up until work got underway on the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project, Bair Island - located in Redwood City - was one of the largest wetland restoration projects in California.

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Your Wetlands Podcast

Latest Podcast: Bay Area Wetlands Restoration Going Strong

Construction is ramping up on two major projects to restore wetlands around San Francisco Bay. More than 85 percent of bay wetlands were drained over the last 150 years, but partnerships between non-profit and government agencies are slowly turning back the clock. Together they make up the largest coastal wetlands restoration effort in the country. The two newest links are in the North Bay. More »