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Applying for a Measure AA Grant?

For those applying for a Measure AA Grant, you may have noted that the San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority gives priority to projects based on ten criteria, one of which is being consistent with our Implementation Strategy. Applicants must either demonstrate that your project is on our project list or consult with us prior to applying for funding. For more information please reach out to Sandra Scoggin.

What's New?

The San Francisco Bay Joint Venture (SFBJV) recently partnered with the San Francisco Estuary Institute, Delta Conservancy, Central Valley Joint Venture, and State Water Board, with funding from US EPA, to build a shared project tracking system that is now housed within and benefiting from powerful tools provided by EcoAtlas

This collaboration provides potent new mapping and landscape analysis capabilities, while maintaining robust project data tracking through the new Project Tracker.

We promote partner projects in a variety of ways:

  1. working directly with funding partners such as the California Department of Fish & Wildlife, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA), National Coastal Wetland Conservation Grants, State Coastal Conservancy, Wildlife Conservation Board and other who are looking for great projects to fund
  2. offering restoration project site tours to regional elected decision makers and others
  3. distributing project information in fact sheets to legislators, advocates, and funders,
  4. providing a wide variety of analyses about project design, priorities, progress, state of readiness, as well as how and where individual projects fit into the bird’s eye view of SF Bay regional wetland restoration efforts

We are very excited to announce this new era of project tracking for the San Francisco Bay and encourage you to explore EcoAtlas. Please let us know if you have projects that are in need of an update, or projects that are not yet included but may be a fit for the SFBJV program. Click here to go directly to the list of SFBJV projects in EcoAtlas and find links to associated files and maps.


SFBJV partners deliver a variety of wetland protection, restoration, and enhancement projects throughout the nine Bay Area counties. Projects range in size from smaller creek projects to the largest tidal wetland restoration project on the West Coast - the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project.

One of the ways the SFBJV helps partners realize our shared habitat goals is by connecting them with the funding opportunities, science, and resources they need through our habitat project tracking system which consists of the data entry portal, Project Tracker, combined with project information, map viewing, file and document links, and analytical tools available through EcoAtlas.

The SFBJV project tracking system is a comprehensive, user-friendly, habitat project tracking system that enables the Joint Venture to generate acreage and funding summaries and help the partnership track and make progress on regional goals.

The system provides the following benefits:

  • Detailed information about habitat projects including funding and acreage information on acquisitions, restorations, and enhancement projects;
  • The ability to easily generate project maps and access reports and other files;
  • Information that can assist with project planning;
  • A forum for networking and information sharing;
  • GIS functions that give users the ability to view surrounding land uses, features, and projects, perform various queries, map and measure project sites, and generate .jpg maps
  • Interactive, detailed maps of aquatic resources extent

For more information contact Sandra Scoggin at sscoggin@sfbayjv.org.

Priority Projects

The SFBJV has put together a summary of currently active restoration, enhancement, stewardship and acquisition projects around the Bay with identified funding needs.

This list is updated approximately quarterly to represent all currently active SFBJV projects. It includes restoration, enhancement and protection of priority JV habitats.

Project Criteria

Joint Venture partners have identified and adopted criteria that define how habitat projects meet SFBJV goals and address the needs of target species. These criteria also help Joint Venture partners prioritize projects based upon the goal of the project or the funding source. The general criteria apply to tidal wetland and other wetland projects. The SFBJV has also developed very specific criteria for stock pond projects as well as sub-tidal habitats based upon target species and environmental limiting factors. You can link to these documents by clicking on the titles to below.


Project Support

The SFBJV has limited funding for projects or programs that help to implement our Goals.

Proposals may be submitted to any SFBJV staff for projects that support our 5-year strategic plan and annual work plan, address the highest priority monitoring or research needs as identified in the SFBJV Monitoring and Evaluation Plan, or are identified in the JV Implementation Plan (Restoring the Estuary) and its updates.

Criteria include:  

  • Projects that have regional significance. Locally-focused projects will have region-wide implications
  • If the purpose is public outreach, the project or program will reach a wide audience.
  • Any habitat projects seeking support will have been previously adopted by the SFBJV, as represented by the project tiered lists.
  • Funds will help save or rescue a project or will enable a new phase to be completed.
  • The proposed project or program has strong partnership support from SFBJV members and staff.
  • The applicant is a member of Management Board or active with one of the SFBJV working committees or is conducing a project that supports the SFBJV goals as described above.
  • The funding might leverage larger amounts.
  • The SFBJV will, under extraordinary circumstances, consider support for program operations, although it will not do so on an ongoing basis. Such support will only be considered if a deliverable project meets the purpose of the SFBJV Funding Services Criteria, as identified above.
  • More information: SFBJV Project Funding Guidelines update 2013 [74 KB PDF]

Featured Project

Each season we feature a partner project. Those wishing to be featured should contact Caroline Warner, Public Outreach Coordinator.

Design Review Program

The San Francisco Bay Joint Venture (SFBJV) Design Review Program provides project managers and their consultants with expert technical review during the concept development, design and/or management stages of their projects. This program is free to partners, is voluntary, and is intended to improve the outcome of projects around the Bay.

The goals of the SFBJV Project Design Review Program are to:

  1. Provide technical information and options to project managers during the proposal development, design or adaptive management phases of wetland and riparian restoration or enhancement projects;
  2. Review work in-progress and provide recommendations to design well-functioning projects technically and biologically;
  3. Provide recommendations on how projects can contribute to the SFBJV habitat goals.

Projects will be reviewed in the context of JV goals. See the SFBJV implementation strategy, Restoring the Estuary at http://www.sfbayjv.org/about-strategy.php.

Review Process

  • Information on the project and questions to be addressed will be submitted to the review team in advance of the scheduled review.
  • The review will take place on a single day. No follow-up report or letter will be issued. Should an applicant want more extensive review and follow-up, it is agreed that the additional expenses will be borne by the applicant and negotiated directly with one or more reviewers. Follow-up will be for reference and planning only and will not be part of a permitting process.
  • The Review Team will convene for a morning review process.
  • Over lunch, the Review Team will discuss the project and develop recommendations.
  • In the afternoon, recommendations will be presented and discussed with the project proponent. The applicant will be responsible for taking notes and for any follow up with reviewers.

For more information or to submit a proposal for review, contact Sandra Scoggin at sscoggin@sfbayjv.org.

Flood Control 2.0

"Flood Control 2.0" This timely project, funded by the US EPA San Francisco Bay Water Quality Improvement Fund, will develop a set of innovative approaches for bringing environmental benefits and cost-savings to flood protection infrastructure along the San Francisco Bay shoreline. Read more »

SediMatch: As one element of Flood Control 2.0, the Joint Venture and BCDC hosted our first matchmaking meeting between dredgers and project managers on June 4, 2013. Now being called "SediMatch", our speed dating/match-making kick-off was structured as a forum to explain how dredge material can help raise wetland elevations while helping dredgers with permits meet restoration project managers with dredge material needs. Read more »

SediMatch Online Web Tool: In 2011, the SFBJV began tracking the sediment needs of restoration projects and hosted the first match-making meeting between restoration project managers and dredgers at BCDC in 2013. The sediment supply and restoration communities recognize the need to work together towards finding solutions to the complex challenges which prevent the beneficial re-use of sediment at wetland restoration sites. Read more »

Partner Projects Photo Gallery

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Sears Restoration Project Restoration Project Restoration Project Restoration Project Restoration Project Restoration Project Restoration Project Restoration Project Restoration Project Restoration Project Restoration Project Bair Island, South Bay. Photo by Caroline Warner. Restoration Project Restoration Project Restoration Project Restoration Project Restoration Project Restoration Project Restoration Project Restoration ProjectRestoration Project