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Project Maps

Active Projects

The map and table below represents a subset of SFBJV active projects with current funding needs, last updated in 2020.

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SFBJV Active Wetland Habitat Projects 2017

San Francisco Baylands Maps: Past, Present & Future

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Baylands Map Historical

Past: This map shows the historical extent of tidal marsh around San Francisco Bay, circa 1850 before most modern development.

Baylands Map Present and Future

Present and Future: This map shows the current extent of tidal marsh that has persisted around the Bay for 100 years or more (light green), restored baylands (green), and restoration projects that are either on their way to forming tidal marsh, or that enhance non-tidal habitats (darkest green).

For questions about these maps please contact Micha Salomon.

San Francisco Baylands: Past, Present & Future Animated Map

Baylands Animated Map

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San Francisco Baylands Acreages: Past, Present & Future


Tidal Bayland

CIRCA 18501
Protection, Restoration, and
Enhancement Projects

Protection, Restoration, and
Enhancement Projects

Alameda 30,800 13,649 4,992
Contra Costa 12,100 5,004 4,167
Marin 13,600 5,208 3,236
Napa 12,000 13,577 1,935
San Francisco 900 62 17
San Mateo 19,900 7,099 670
Santa Clara 14,800 9,755 4,144
Solano 62,900 11,256 2,108
Sonoma 24,700 11,891 8,123
TOTALS 191,700 77,501 29,392
  1. From San Francisco Estuary Institute (SFEI), 1998. Bay Area EcoAtlas V1.50b4 1998: Geographic Information System of Wetland Habitats Past and Present (www.sfei.org/content/ecoatlas-version-150b4-1998).
  2. Note that acreages are counted at different stages of a project, so some acres are counted multiple times to represent each distinct action that has taken place. For example, a property that was acquired and later restored would be counted once as a “Protection” project and again as a “Restoration” project.
  3. These acreages represent wetland projects tracked by the San Francisco Bay Joint Venture (www.SFBAYJV.org). These are the types of projects likely to be eligible for Restoration Authority (RA) funds and do not include habitat types that would not qualify.

For questions about the table above or SFBJV projects in general please contact Sandra Scoggin.