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4 Nov 2022 Toxins Long Buried May Surface as Groundwater Rises - NBC news

1 Jul 2022 Supreme Court delivers major setback to President Biden’s ambitious climate change goals in West Virginia v. EPA ruling - Politico

22 Jun 2022 San Mateo County has some of the West Coasts most polluted beaches - SF Gate

17 May 2022 How Audubon is protecting Tricolored Blackbird colonies in the Central Valley - Audubon California

15 May 2022 The Campaign for Bird Friendly Beef - The Counter

7 May 2022 Sea level rise work begins in Burlingame and Millbrae - Dailly Journal

21 Apr 2022 North American Birds Face Their Own Pandemic With Latest Bout of Avian Flu - Audubon

17 Apr 2022 Living Seawall Pilot - Port of San Francisco

16 Apr 2022 San Francisco Bay restoration bolstered by $53M federal influx - Marin IJ

15 Apr 2022 Green infrastructure helps cities with climate change. So why isn't there more of it? - NPR - All Things Considered

14 Apr 2022 San Jose: $545 million project breaks ground to improve flood protection along south San Francisco Bay shoreline - San Jose Mercury News

10 Apr 2022 Water, wildlife returning to Pacheco Marsh and Walnut Creek - Danville San Ramon

9 Apr 2022 Five Incredible Ways Birds Change Their Bodies for Spring and Fall Migration - Audubon Magazine

7 Apr 2022 Supreme Court EPA order: A warning for Biden regulators? - Greenwire

4 Apr 2022 Soundscapes to Landscapes - Bay Nature Magazine

24 Mar 2022 NBC’s Open Road host Doug McConnell speaks with SF Estuary Partnership Planner Heidi Nutters about the Wetlands Regional Monitoring Program -

21 Mar 2022 Burns for the Birds - Knee Deep times

7 Mar 2022 Stitching the Bay Area’s 2,600 miles of trails together is goal of new collaborative - SF Chronicle

15 Feb 2022 Coastal Sea Levels in U.S. to Rise a Foot by 2050, Study Confirms - Ny Times

13 Feb 2022 Will Rising Seas Drown the California Dream? - Bloomberg

10 Feb 2022 South Bay's levee greening project could be model for fight against climate change - ABC7 news

10 Feb 2022 American Bird Conservancy Bird of the Week, the Northern Hawk Owl, is pretty cool -

1 Feb 2022 Climate-driven floods will disproportionately affect Black communities, study finds - NPR - KQED

1 Feb 2022 California’s snowpack slips below average after dismally dry January, renewing concerns about drought - SF Chronicle

31 Jan 2022 U.S. flooding losses will spike 26 percent by 2050 due to climate change, researchers say - Washington Post

31 Jan 2022 S.F. Bay Area’s dry spell could last until mid-February. Here’s what that means for the region’s water year - San Francisco Chronicle

19 Jan 2022 Highway 37, a major Bay Area corridor, could be fully underwater as soon as 2040 - SF Gate

19 Jan 2022 Royally Flooded: Dispatches from the Highest Tides - Knee Deep

11 Jan 2022 Recent storms washed microplastics into SF Bay, studies show - ABC news

10 Dec 2021 S.F.’s plans to protect the Embarcadero from earthquakes and sea level rise could transform the Ferry Building - San Francisco Chronicle

6 Dec 2021 $63 million wetland restoration could be a blueprint for how California adapts to climate change. But it’s taking forever - San Francisco Chronicle

29 Nov 2021 Here’s What Brought King Salmon Back to Bay Area Rivers - The Mercury News

25 Nov 2021 Massive Marin wetlands restoration project reaches milestone - Marin IJ

21 Nov 2021 Close to Home: Bring nature-based solutions to climate change - Press Democrat

17 Nov 2021 The Rails are Rebounding at Sonoma Creek - Audubon

8 Nov 2021 Crude Awakenings, An Oil Spill, a Tiny Bird and a Big Care Network -

29 Oct 2021 East Bay levee breached after 100-year closure in effort to restore rare wildlife to marshland - ABC news

28 Oct 2021 California Condors reproduce without a male. A first. - KPBS

15 Oct 2021 Save the Wetlands, Save the World - KQED

4 Oct 2021 California oil spill: This UC Davis team is leading the race to rescue wildlife on Huntington Beach shoreline - SF Chronicle

18 Sep 2021 No, damming the Golden Gate won't save the Bay Area from rising seas - SF Chronicle

12 Sep 2021 Senator Dodd secures $5 million for Hwy 37 improvements! - Daily Democrat

4 Sep 2021 Photographing Hurricane Ida and a disappearing Coastline - National Geographic

26 Aug 2021 Opinion: Don’t blow this opportunity to protect the Bay Area - San Jose Mercury News

17 Aug 2021 To restore California’s ecosystems, we must adopt smarter permitting - CalMatters

15 Aug 2021 San Francisco Bay's tides are going to rise. Should we dam the Golden Gate first? - SF Chronicle

27 Jul 2021 Who Will Pay To Protect Tech Giants From Rising Seas? - NPR

16 Jul 2021 The Bay Area highway most exposed to sea level rise - Sf Chronicle

16 Jul 2021 Economic evaluation of sea-level rise adaptation strongly influenced by hydrodynamic feedbacks - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

9 Jul 2021 Federal funds offer a ray of hope for long-suffering commuters on Highway 37 - Press Democrat

5 Jul 2021 Corte Madera Creek advocates push for restoration project - Marin IJ

4 Jul 2021 Novato landowner revives Bahia housing development pitch - Marin IJ

23 Jun 2021 SFBJV adopted Tiburon beach sea-level rise project receives $380K from SFBRA - Marin IJ

22 Jun 2021 Birds acting blind when approached, dying by hundreds. Scientists don't know why. - NBC news

22 Jun 2021 Barriers and Strategies to Connecting Urban Audiences to Wildlife and Nature: Results from a Multi-Method Research Project - NC State Extension Publications

18 Jun 2021 Can Foster City's new massive steel wall keep sea level rise at bay? - Sf Chronicle

10 Jun 2021 Nearly all the Bay Area is now in 'exceptional' drought category - and the outlook's grim - Sf Chronicle

7 Jun 2021 Wake for whales held in San Francisco - KPIX

6 Jun 2021 "Truly an emergency": how drought returned to California and what lies ahead - The Guardian

6 Jun 2021 New Regional Park at Former Concord Naval Weapons Station named after First Black Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall - East Bay Times

4 Jun 2021 Where sea level rise hits hard - SF Chronicle

3 Jun 2021 Here's where the Bay Area's water actually comes from, and what to expect during California's drought - SF Chronicle

1 Jun 2021 Sri Lanka, Facing a Worst Marine Disaster, Investigates Cargo Ship Fire - New York Times

3 May 2021 How receding glaciers are causing rivers to disappear suddenly - The Guardian

2 May 2021 Wetland Restoration Begins at Drakes Beach Monday May 3 - SF Gate

27 Apr 2021 Stunning DDT dump site off L.A. coast much bigger than scientist expected - LA Times

27 Apr 2021 The Voices of Birds and the Language of Belonging ... a podcast worth listening to! - Emergence Magazine

22 Apr 2021 Maps: See Which Bay Area Locations Are at Risk From Rising Seas - KQED

22 Apr 2021 Sixty years of Saving San Francisco Bay - SF Examiner

18 Apr 2021 These Wetlands Feed the Largest Aquifer in the U.S. What Happens If We Lose Them? - Discover

13 Apr 2021 San Francisco Bay: Protection from costly disasters is being thrown away, scientists say - San Jose Mercury News

12 Apr 2021 April 11 OpenRoad features Measure AA funded projects in a program on the regional effort to restore SF Bay! -

12 Apr 2021 Suisun Marsh gas drilling plan runs into environmental buzz saw - Times-Herald

8 Apr 2021 Multiple‐Benefit Conservation defined - Society for Conservation Biology

3 Apr 2021 Rush to rescue thousands of endangered abalone buried in Big Sur landslides - SF Chronicle

29 Mar 2021 This fabulous New Yorker article on animal navigation is a must read (or listen to) - New Yorker

29 Mar 2021 Strong state oversight needed to ensure California’s wetlands are protected - CalMatters

16 Mar 2021 Traditional ecological knowledge in restoration ecology: a call to listen deeply, to engage with, and respect Indigenous voices - Wiley Natural Sciences

16 Mar 2021 Traditional ecological knowledge in restoration ecology: a call to listen deeply, to engage with, and respect Indigenous voices - Restoration Ecology

15 Mar 2021 A Year of the Pandemic: How Have Birds and Other Wildlife Responded? - Audubon

8 Mar 2021 Biden administration seeks to restore migratory bird protections -

1 Mar 2021 San Francisco Bay: EPA deals setback to Cargill over Redwood City property - The Mercury News

1 Mar 2021 Coastal Conservancy Awarded $7 Million in US Fish and Wildlife Grants -

28 Feb 2021 EPA Abandons plan to appeal ruling protecting Redwood City salt ponds from development - SF Chronicle

27 Feb 2021 EPA drops challenge of Redwood City salt ponds’ protection - The Daily Journal

23 Feb 2021 2 bond measures moving through California Legislature to address climate resiliency - Senate Bill 45 and Assembly Bill 1500. Both would require Governor consensus and 2/3rd vote. -

9 Feb 2021 Chevron Refinery leaks 600 gallons of oil into San Francisco Bay - SF Chronicle

9 Feb 2021 Birds Aren't Real - The Daily Podcast

4 Feb 2021 Biden admin freezes Trump rule cutting bird protections under Migratory Bird Treaty Act -

28 Jan 2021 Feds 'shortchange' San Francisco Bay - local Congress members want money for restoration - SF Chronicle

13 Jan 2021 3 critical lessons California offers to improve restoration of land on a global scale - Cal Matters

3 Jan 2021 S.F.’s Embarcadero seawall is surprise beneficiary of Trump-signed spending bill - SF Chronicle

1 Jan 2021 Two-thirds of North American birds are at increasing risk of extinction from global temperature rise. - Audubon

22 Dec 2020 Coordinated Mapping: How various efforts can work together - SFEI

21 Dec 2020 SFEI helps identify a Tire Toxicant Culprit in Salmon Murder Mystery - SFEI

16 Dec 2020 Study: Starvation and a Freak Snow Storm Caused the Southwest's Mass Bird Die-Off - Audubon magazine

13 Dec 2020 Delta Dilemma: Fishing or Fresh Water? - SF Chronicle

10 Dec 2020 42,000 gallons of gasoline leak under canal in Walnut Creek; residents furious - SF Chronicle

8 Dec 2020 Study: Birds Are Linked to Happiness Levels - EcoWatch

8 Dec 2020 Audubon's Favorite Fascinating Bird Behaviors From the 2020 Audubon Photo Awards Are Worth Checking out! - Audubon

7 Dec 2020 King Tide Crystal Ball - Point Blue Science Blog

7 Dec 2020 Document where Birds go during King Tides - Point Blue Science Blog

6 Dec 2020 Holiday Gift Idea: Audubon Guide to Binoculars -

3 Dec 2020 New research explains why salmon are dying in the Pacific Northwest. The danger lurks in California, too - San Francisco Chronicle

3 Dec 2020 Rising seas: California’s affordable housing faces worse floods - Cal Matters

27 Nov 2020 Since shelter-in-place, Bay Area sparrows are singing in tones that researchers haven’t heard in decades - San Francisco Chronicle

17 Nov 2020 “Saving the Great Lakes”: National Geographic December issue explores the lakes and their struggles - National Geographic

16 Nov 2020 New report published by the Western Hummingbird Partnership (WHP) highlights declining bird "Rufous Hummingbird: The State of the Science and Conservation" -

16 Nov 2020 Sunken barge in Petaluma River poses ‘minimal’ environmental threat - SF Chronicle

13 Nov 2020 Point Blue Conservation Science Migratory Shorebird Project has foundational paper published in Avian Conservation and Ecology. -

13 Nov 2020 The world's largest wetlands are on fire. That's a disaster for all of us - CNN

9 Nov 2020 What Biden's Presidential Win Means for Birds and the Environment - Audubon magazine

1 Nov 2020 SF estuary flows into restored marsh for first time since 1800s - Daily Republic

30 Oct 2020 Nutria — they’re big, buck-toothed and chew up California wetlands. Now feds add money to fight them - SF Chronicle

30 Oct 2020 How COVID Put a $10 Billion Emergency on the Back Burner - NBC Bay Area

29 Oct 2020 Go Godwits! Read this to find out what the longest nonstop bird migration distance ever recorded is - Smithsonian Magazine

10 Oct 2020 ‘Silver lining’ in wake of Point Reyes wildfire - SF Chronicle

7 Oct 2020 Unsafe to drink: Wildfires threaten rural towns with tainted water - Cal Matters

6 Oct 2020 Redwood City salt ponds subject to environmental protections, judge rules - SF Chronicle

27 Sep 2020 Birding Through 2020 - Bay Nature Magazine

27 Sep 2020 Watch the Restoration of a Watershed on Marsh Creek Trail - Bay Nature Magazine

20 Sep 2020 California agency to beach towns: Plan for 10 feet of sea rise - Scientific American

18 Sep 2020 Thousands of dying birds out West could reveal an even bigger environmental tragedy - Popular Science

15 Sep 2020 How Climate Migration Will Reshape America - NY Times Magazine

14 Sep 2020 How Do California's Megafires Impact Birds?Au - Audubon

12 Sep 2020 Fleeing fires, birds find refuge in Petaluma - The Argus Courier

10 Sep 2020 A Disease Outbreak in California Has Killed an Estimated 40,000 Birds - Audubon

3 Sep 2020 Pandemic Forces Closures, Job Cuts, Shifted Science for Bay Area Conservation Groups - Bay Nature Magazine

2 Sep 2020 The future of California’s water wars - SF Chronicle

1 Sep 2020 Avian botulism kills 40,000 birds, threatens millions more in Klamath Refuge - SF Chronicle

29 Aug 2020 We need to tell their stories': Marin bird researchers scramble to save 54 years of data from Woodward Fire's path - ABC 7

26 Aug 2020 Bird Researchers Rescue Generations of Hand-Written Field Notes from Fire’s Path - Bay Nature

17 Aug 2020 Some California cities think they're safe from sea level rise. They're not, new data show - L.A. Times

6 Aug 2020 Sea level rise to choke Bay Area traffic as far away as Santa Rosa, Napa, study shows - SF Chronicle

31 Jul 2020 U.S. Senate must pass legislation to protect and preserve San Francisco Bay - SF Chronicle

22 Jul 2020 Great American Outdoors Act will deliver critical investments to our national parks, forests - The Hill

15 Jul 2020 Bigger, badder storms coming in years ahead, and California is right in their path - San Francisco Chronicle

15 Jul 2020 Trump Delivers Major Blow to the Foundation of National Environmental Policy Act - Audubon magazine

2 Jul 2020 With Whales at Record Numbers off the California Coast, Scientists Try to Help Ships Avoid Them - Bay Nature

1 Jul 2020 Legislation To Reduce Bird Collisions Passes The U.S. House Of Representatives - American Bird Conservancy

24 Jun 2020 Pandemic Has Led to an 'Anthropause' Revealing Human Impacts on Wildlife - Newsweek

22 Jun 2020 House Democrats release text Of HR2, a transformational infrstructure bill to create jobs and rebuild America - House Comittee on Energy and Commerce

18 Jun 2020 Dozens of massive blue whales spotted off Northern California coast - San Jose Mercury News

19 May 2020 More Time Out in Nature Is an Unexpected Benefit of the COVID-19 Sheltering Rules - Scientific America

19 May 2020 Sebastopol Meadowfoam blossoms again in vernal pool restoration area - Sonoma West Times News

12 May 2020 Include the true value of nature when rebuilding economies after coronavirus - Nature

9 May 2020 Together Bay Area releases report - Bay Area Lands, People, and Economy: A Snapshot Report of Opportunities for Green Stimulus - Together Bay Area

7 May 2020 Trump Administration officially proposed legislation that would effectively remove more than one million acres in Nevada from the National Wildlife Refuge System. - National Wildlife Refuge Association

29 Apr 2020 Poop may tell us when the coronavirus lockdown will end - LA Times

28 Apr 2020 Live Cam break: Great Gray Owls - Explore

24 Apr 2020 Take a tour of bird sounds at Idaho's Camas National Wildlife Refuge - thanks to a refuge Friends Group and Wingtips

22 Apr 2020 How Bird-Watching Prepared Me for Sheltering in Place - New York Times

22 Apr 2020 Earth Day after 50 Years - The Mercury News

22 Apr 2020 We Can’t Ignore One Of The Biggest Lessons Of The Coronavirus Pandemic - Forbes

20 Apr 2020 Watch some Snowy Plover Chicks adorableness thanks for Ventura Audubon for your next wellness break. - Ventura Audubon

18 Apr 2020 California, rest of the West sinking into a rare mega-drought, scientists say - SF Chronicle

18 Apr 2020 Bought For a Song - and Indonesian Craze Puts Wild Birds at Risk - New York Times

14 Apr 2020 3 billion birds have vanished from our skies. Can we ever bring them back? - LA Times

13 Apr 2020 Brighten your day with some Baby Bird Pics from Audubon - Audubon Magazine

13 Apr 2020 East Bay Rep. Mark DeSaulnier moved out of intensive care unit - The Mercury News

8 Apr 2020 For Scientists Who Study Birds, This Spring Is Without Precedent - Audubon Magazine

6 Apr 2020 Live Cam anybody? Nothing like new life in a nest to give some hope and positivity - Explore

3 Apr 2020 How sewage could reveal true scale of coronavirus outbreak - Nature

3 Apr 2020 Rising seas threaten Bay Area economy, infrastructure, environment, says most detailed study yet5 - SF Chronicle

1 Apr 2020 Sanctuary in a time of crisis - The Merwin Conservancy

30 Mar 2020 Dutch Scientists Find a Novel Coronavirus Early-Warning Signal - Bloomberg

27 Mar 2020 Trump administration allows companies to break pollution laws during coronavirus pandemic - The Guardian

18 Mar 2020 Add Birding to Your Social Distancing Routine -

17 Mar 2020 Temporarily Closed to Humans, Shedd Aquarium Takes Penguins on Field Trip to Meet Other Animals -

13 Mar 2020 Birding Is the Perfect Activity While Practicing Social Distancing - Audubon

10 Mar 2020 Celebrating Thirty Years of Partnering for Migratory Bird Conservation - Audubon News

26 Feb 2020 California’s new plan to deal with climate change, sea-level rise OKd - SF Chronicle

26 Feb 2020 New director for the Laguna Foundation, Anne Morkill - Sonoma Times West

24 Feb 2020 State bill to toll Highway 37 to prepare for sea level rise - Marin Independent Journal

11 Feb 2020 Rising seas already overwhelm the Bay Area. Here is the desperate bid to avert disaster - LA Times

10 Feb 2020 Fighting sea level rise together Officials seek collaboration to fend off rising waters the Bayshore - The Daily Journal

6 Feb 2020 House approves water protection, restoration bills - The Daily Journal

23 Jan 2020 Reversing history in the San Francisco Bay -

23 Jan 2020 Trump administration unveils new Clean Water Act rules. California could see big impact - Desert Sun

22 Jan 2020 Project Tracker assists with regional reporting -

17 Jan 2020 10 new birds discovered in 'Lost world' - National Geographic

17 Jan 2020 Remembering Whitney Dotson, environmental hero with a passion to protect the things he loved: nature, and his community. -

9 Jan 2020 Friday’s Bay Area king tides offer a hint of what rising sea levels look like - SF Chronicle

5 Jan 2020 Planning to join an Audubon Christmas Bird Count this year? Read about last year's findings here - Audubon

26 Dec 2019 Bay getting increase in fed funding - The Daily Journal

25 Dec 2019 Helping something other than ourselves: Petaluma kids save wetlands - Argus Courier

16 Dec 2019 California coastal waters rising in acidity at alarming rate, study finds - LA Times

13 Dec 2019 Thousands of penis fish cover Bay Area beach - Marin Independent Journal

7 Dec 2019 Nature's 'Brita Filter' Is Dying And Nobody Knows Why - NPR

6 Dec 2019 These are the top 20 scientific discoveries of the decade - National Geographic

4 Dec 2019 California must act now to prepare for sea level rise, state lawmakers say - LA Times

22 Nov 2019 Trump Plan Weakens Protections For California Fish, Diverts Water To Farms - NPR

8 Nov 2019 Massive Bel Marin Keys marsh restoration begins - Marin Independent Journal

7 Nov 2019 Long-awaited Butano Creek restoration project finished - The Daily Journal

7 Nov 2019 Sudden oak death spreading fast, California’s coastal forests facing devastation - SF Chronicle

6 Nov 2019 Bringing the world's buried wetlands back from the dead - San Francisco Chronicle

6 Nov 2019 In fight against urban sprawl, San Jose passes $93 million deal to preserve Coyote Valley - San Jose Mercury News

31 Oct 2019 California Protects Small Fish that is Key for Coastal Wildlife - Audubon

22 Oct 2019 Climate havoc wipes out coastal kelp as S.F. Bay’s native fish species die off - SF Chronicle

22 Oct 2019 Trump team weakens endangered species protections for California salmon and delta smelt - LA Times

21 Oct 2019 San Francisco Estuary health report offers mixed review - Marin Independent Journal

17 Oct 2019 As Seas Rise And Rivers Flood, Communities Look For A Way Out - Science Friday

15 Oct 2019 SFO to spend more than $1 billion to hold back the bay - SF Gate

3 Oct 2019 Saving SF Bay may mean filling parts of it in, agency says -

28 Sep 2019 Marin County Sued in Fight Over Protecting Endangered Coho Salmon - KQED news

27 Sep 2019 Welcome Back Birdies - Bay Nature Magazine

24 Sep 2019 California and Environmental Groups Challenge Trump Over Redwood City Salt Ponds - KQED Science

19 Sep 2019 Birds Are Vanishing From North America - New York Times

17 Sep 2019 Race Against Time - San Francisco Chronicle

16 Sep 2019 Want to Prevent California’s Katrina? Grow a Marsh - Bay Nature

16 Sep 2019 Want to Prevent California’s Katrina? Grow a Marsh - Bay Nature

5 Sep 2019 New marine heat wave emerges off West Coast, similar to the ‘blob’ of five years ago - The Mercury News

3 Sep 2019 U.S. EPA awards close to $8 million to protect and restore San Francisco Bay and its watersheds - EPA News Release

22 Aug 2019 State approves $20M for Bel Marin Keys wetlands restoration - Marin Independent Journal

21 Aug 2019 Estuary study offers restoration guidance for Marin, West - Marin Independent Journal

20 Aug 2019 Elected Officials, organizations and community leaders oppose development on the Redwood City salt ponds -

14 Aug 2019 New Mapping Reveals Lost West Coast Estuary Habitat - NOAA fisheries news

8 Aug 2019 California and the Bay Area Have More Environmental Work to Do - Bay Nature Magazine

8 Aug 2019 Trump administration weakens Endangered Species Act - Nature International Journal of Sciene

1 Aug 2019 If you need another reason to quit smoking check out this story by Audubon - Audubon Magazine

31 Jul 2019 Federal court allows migratory bird challenge to advance - EE News

31 Jul 2019 $50 billion worth of Bay Area homes at risk of rising seas by 2050, says report - San Jose Mercury News

10 Jul 2019 High-tide flooding poses big problem for US, California, federal scientists warn - SF Chronicle

9 Jul 2019 California's Future Weather Will Alternate Between Drought and Atmospheric Rivers - SF Gate

7 Jul 2019 California against the sea - LA Times

25 Jun 2019 Bay Sediment for Bay Restoration - Dredging Today.com

23 Jun 2019 The Endangered Species Next Door: the California Ridgway’s Rail - Bay Nature

21 Jun 2019 Eleven years to save San Francisco Bay - SF Chronicle

17 Jun 2019 Surf Scoter Decline, Interrupted - Bay Nature

13 Jun 2019 Ecological Detectives Hunt for San Francisco’s Vanished Waterways - Scientific America

6 Jun 2019 Incredibly sobering: New study finds Monterey Bay littered with tiny pieces of plastic. - Santa Cruz Sentinel

24 May 2019 A New Atlas for Dealing With Rising Seas in the Bay Area - Bay Nature Magazine

14 May 2019 Environmental report released on Corte Madera marsh restoration! Public comments due May 26. - Marin Independent Journal

12 May 2019 If you need ideas for how to best communicate about climate change, you might want to read this New York Times article - NY Times

6 May 2019 It's Official: Gov. Newsom Pulls Permits for Brown's Twin Tunnels Project - KQED Forum

6 May 2019 It's Official: Gov. Newsom Pulls Permits for Brown's Twin Tunnels Project - KQED Forum

2 May 2019 Blueprint to battle Bay Area sea-level rise focuses on natural solutions - San Francisco Chronicle

15 Apr 2019 Celeb or stranger? Study weighs Americans' interest in birds - Business Insider

15 Apr 2019 Microplastics are raining down from the sky - National Geographic

8 Apr 2019 Fremont’s protected vernal pools wriggle with life - East Bay Times

4 Apr 2019 Hundreds Of Fish Dead After Firefighter Foam Reaches Codornices Creek - KPIX CBS SF Bay Area

3 Apr 2019 California adopts new wetland protections as Trump administration eases them - SF Chronicle

3 Apr 2019 Interview with Felicia Marcus on "Lesson's Learned from CA Drought, Water Wars" - KQED Forum

25 Mar 2019 The Sea Beneath Us - Bay Nature

13 Mar 2019 Sea Level Rise in Bay Area is Going to Be Much More Destructive Than We Think, Says USGS Study - KQED Science

12 Mar 2019 Trump administration gives new life to development on huge Cargill Salt property in Redwood City - San Jose Mercury News

11 Mar 2019 Audubon: Birds and People Would Suffer Under the White House Budget Proposal - National Audubon Society

7 Mar 2019 Caught on Camera: The State Bird, Surprised - Bay Nature Magazine

6 Mar 2019 Wetland mud is 'secret weapon' against climate change - BBC News

5 Mar 2019 Both the House and Senate pass Public Lands Bill to permanently reauthorize a fund that has funneled billions of dollars into land conservation, paid for by revenues from offshore oil and gas drilling. -

20 Feb 2019 Trump gives politically connected farmers more water, at expense of everyone else - LA Times

14 Feb 2019 Caltrans ordered to clean up the roadways or face up to $25,000-a-day fines - San Francisco Chronicle

11 Feb 2019 Lone Alameda Creek Steelhead Spawns with Native Trout -

6 Feb 2019 It’s Official: 2018 Was the Fourth Warmest Year on Record - New York TImes

11 Jan 2019 How fast are the oceans warming? - Science Magazine

10 Jan 2019 Ocean Warming Is Accelerating Faster Than Thought, New Research Finds - New York TImes

7 Jan 2019 Can Climate Adaptation Become a California Priority with new Governor? - Bay Nature Magazine

1 Jan 2019 Lagunitas Creek monitors expect busy coho run - Marin Independent Journal

28 Dec 2018 Schools Out(side) Can California teach an understanding of the natural world to every K-12 schoolkid in the state? - Bay Nature

14 Dec 2018 As hunting declines, efforts grow to broaden the funding base for wildlife conservation - The Conversation

13 Dec 2018 California adopts Landmark River Plan to Bring Back Salmon - KQED Science

3 Dec 2018 Why you should go birding right now! - CNN staying well

28 Nov 2018 Read the Overview of NOAA 4th Annual Climate Assessment -

12 Nov 2018 Streamside forests store tons of carbon - Science Daily

31 Oct 2018 Taking the Oceans’ Temperature, Scientists Find Unexpected Heat - New York TImes

18 Oct 2018 Another year of Seabird Die-Offs in Alaska recorded - National Park Service

9 Oct 2018 Fortresses of mud: how to protect the San Francisco Bay Area from rising seas - Nature Science Journal

8 Oct 2018 Major Climate Report Describes a Strong Risk of Crisis as Early as 2040 - New York TImes

28 Sep 2018 Victory at Sea: Governor Signs Bill to End Driftnets in California -

7 Sep 2018 California Poised to Take Action To Protect Wetlands Amid Trump Rollbacks - KQED Science

5 Sep 2018 New York leads Eight States in Filing Federal Lawsuit to Restore Bird Protection Law - Audubon Magazine

7 Aug 2018 What Will Make Us Care Enough to Save Endangered Species? - National Geographic

7 Aug 2018 What Will Make Us Care Enough to Save Endangered Species? - A photographer and a scientist hope that evocative photos will ignite a passion for protecting threatened animals. - National Geographic

1 Aug 2018 Losing Earth: The Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change - New York TImes Magazine

24 Jul 2018 1 Hen, 76 Ducklings: What’s the Deal With This Picture? - The New York TImes

10 Jul 2018 Why California’s fire season is off to the worst start in 10 years - San Jose Mercury News

27 Jun 2018 Golden Gate ferry damage could be offset by wetland work - Marin Independent Journal

18 Jun 2018 Imagine the Future San Francisco Bay Shoreline - Bay Nature Magazine

24 May 2018 When is it okay (or not) to feed birds? Three questions the Audubon Society encourages you to ask. -

16 May 2018 Resilient by Design offers ideas for SF Bay Area to deal with rising seas - San Francisco Chronicle

9 May 2018 6 charts from new report show how much California’s climate has already changed - Sacramento Bee

30 Apr 2018 In reversal, Santa Clara Valley Water District may provide $650 million to Brown’s Delta tunnels plan - San Jose Mercury News

19 Apr 2018 Marin environmental group helps protect 500-acre wetland - Marin Independent Journal

15 Apr 2018 That $12 parcel tax voters approved two years ago is about to revive SF Bay shorelines - SF Chronicle

12 Apr 2018 Lawmakers want more focus on adaptation - E&E News

9 Apr 2018 Unexpected death of Carl Morrison is a great loss to the SFBJV - Press Democrat

4 Apr 2018 The Sierra Nevada snowpack will be 64% smaller by the end of this century. We need to prepare now. - LA Times

30 Mar 2018 Charismatic Sea Ducks Seem to be Disappearing, But It’s Hard to Say Why - Bay Nature Magazine

12 Mar 2018 Four kinds of algal toxins found in San Francisco Bay shellfish - News Center UC Santa Cruz

7 Mar 2018 First rising tides, now sinking shores: Study finds new trouble for Bay Area - SF Chronicle

7 Mar 2018 More of the Bay Area Could Be Underwater in 2100 Than Previously Expected - New York Times

7 Mar 2018 Increasing frequency of El Ninos could reduce extinction risk of long lived seabirds- new Point Blue study from the Farallon NWR - Pt Blue Conservation Science

3 Mar 2018 Incredible images of Los Angeles when it was covered in wetlands - Business Insider

2 Mar 2018 EPA chief's clean-water rollback shaped by secrecy, luxury travel and handpicked audiences - LA Times

25 Feb 2018 A 3 part series on climate change/sea level rise with deep reporting, excellent graphics and many lessons for the SF Bay Area - The New York Times and NOLA.com

21 Feb 2018 Salt marshes will vanish in less than a century if seas keep rising and California keeps building, study finds - LA Times

5 Feb 2018 West Marin fish habitat project nears public comment period - Marin Independent Journal

1 Feb 2018 Is California's Drought Returning? Snowpack Nears 2015's Historic Lows - Inside Climate News

29 Jan 2018 Bumper-Crop Birds: Pop-Up Wetlands Are a Success in California - Cool Green Science

25 Jan 2018 No one seems to want to run Trump's EPA in California By EVAN HALPER JAN 25, 2018 - LA Times

23 Jan 2018 Tiburon marsh restoration project underway - Marin Independent Journal

11 Jan 2018 Design competition tackles sites around Bay Area to address rising waters - SF CHronicle

10 Jan 2018 California is preparing to defend its waters from Trump order - Reveal News

9 Jan 2018 California Legislators Introduce Bill to Block Trump’s Offshore Drilling Push - KQED Science

7 Dec 2017 Climate scientists see alarming new threat to California - LA Times

27 Nov 2017 Racing Rising Seas in the Bay Area: Design Teams ‘Float’ Some Big Ideas - KQED Science

30 Oct 2017 At Santa Rosa’s Pepperwood Preserve, nature rebounds from massive wildlfire - Press Democrat

20 Oct 2017 An Early Look at How the North Bay Fires Have Impacted Undeveloped Land in the Region - Bay Nature

25 Sep 2017 High Road for the Wettest Highway? - Estuary News

14 Sep 2017 Competition looks at redesign for S.F. Bay as sea level rises - San Francisco Chronicle

14 Sep 2017 SB 5 for parks approved by California Legislature - San Jose Mercury News

7 Sep 2017 Rising seas demand a unified Bay Area defense - San Jose Mercury News

1 Sep 2017 Dynamic conservation for migratory species - Science Magazine

16 Aug 2017 Why Nutrient Pollution May Become a Threat to San Francisco Bay Health - Water Deeply

9 Aug 2017 The origins and evolution of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 - Audubon Audublog

7 Aug 2017 Government Report Finds Drastic Impact of Climate Change on U.S. - New York Times

27 Jul 2017 Mapping Coastal Flood Risk Lags Behind Sea Level Rise - NPR Science on All Things Considered

24 Jul 2017 Novato Creek work could help battle sea-level rise, report finds -

19 Jul 2017 GOP push to shift state water policy away from conservation - SF Chronicle

2 Jul 2017 Shoring Up The State - Is California’s response to rising seas enough? - CALmatters

28 Jun 2017 Where Trump Budget Cuts Could Affect Bay Area Conservation - Bay Nature

26 Jun 2017 California’s Giant Water Tunnels Win First Crucial Approval - KQED news

23 Jun 2017 Campaign seeks to defend California marine sanctuaries in face of Trump energy order - Press Democrat

13 Jun 2017 How the Bay Area Is Restoring Nature's Delicate Balance - National Geographic

30 May 2017 Design teams compete for best solution to sea-level conundrum - SF Chronicle

23 May 2017 Despite a Wet Year, Some California Wildlife Areas Miss Out on Water - News Deeply

18 May 2017 Sea level rise will double coastal flood risk worldwide - The Guardian

17 May 2017 Many Of California's Salmon Populations Unlikely To Survive The Century - NPR

15 May 2017 What might be missing from the stories on leopard shark deaths in SF Bay? - SFEI

26 Apr 2017 After the Storms: A fresh look at the work of setback levees - ChicoER

14 Apr 2017 Report: We Can’t Stop Sea Level Rise, Only Slow it Down - KQED News

11 Apr 2017 Baykeeper update on Barge Fuel Leak in the Bay - Baykeeper

7 Apr 2017 Fuel, oil leaking from sunken barge in San Francisco Bay - SF Chronicle

6 Apr 2017 Six Images Show What Happened to California’s Drought - Water Deeply

31 Mar 2017 Rare, endangered shrimp found in Costa Mesa, thanks to recent rains - LA times

18 Mar 2017 Read David Lewis OpEd in the San Francisco Chronicle on the impacts of Trump's budget proposal to the SF Bay - SF Chronicle

16 Mar 2017 President Trump Requests $11.6 Billion for Interior Department’s FY 2018 Budget -

16 Mar 2017 Reviled invasive taking root in San Geronimo Valley - Pt Reyes Light

15 Mar 2017 Success Story: A New Vision for Flood Control - Estuary Blueprint News

4 Mar 2017 Become an Estuary News reader! Stories that go deep. -

3 Mar 2017 Will SF Bay wetlands restoration be a casualty of EPA cuts? - SF Gate

28 Feb 2017 Going Local Buys Future for Bayshore - Estuary News

24 Feb 2017 Recent Rains Swell Lakes and Rivers in Central California - NOAA Environmental Visualization Labratory

20 Feb 2017 Winter storms pour pollution into San Francisco Bay, Delta - Mercury News

14 Feb 2017 Scientists detect severe beach erosion along California Coast - SF Gate

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16 Aug 2012 Fading History: Forgotten town of Drawbridge is slowly sinking into the South Bay marsh - San Jose Mercury News

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4 Feb 2012 Hold the salt: Developer explores using desalinated water for Saltworks project - Palo Alto Daily News

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23 Jan 2012 Port Sonoma developer agrees to full environmental review - The Press Democrat

20 Jan 2012 Jerry Brown says he'd support delaying water bond - SFGate

20 Jan 2012 East Bay Parks buys Marsh Creek land protected by conservation group - Contra Costa Times

13 Jan 2012 Time to take action to save our oceans - SFGate

12 Jan 2012 Feinstein asks National Academy to get involved in oyster debate -- again - Marin Independent Journal

2 Jan 2012 Richardson Bay atoll renovated as nature preserve - SFGate

31 Dec 2011 Marine Invasive Species Report identifies new threats to California’s ecology - Lake County News

30 Dec 2011 Land conservation benefits from economic downturn - SFGate

26 Dec 2011 Project aims to show crops, marshland can coexist - SFGate

23 Dec 2011 Protected Delta smelt population hits highest level in 10 years - Marin Independent Journal

21 Dec 2011 New Delta invader, spongeplant, threatens to clog waterways, pumps - San Jose Mercury News

21 Dec 2011 Biologists hope endangered flower gets new life in Marin Headlands - Marin Independent Journal

16 Dec 2011 S.F. planners OK impact report on America's Cup - SFGate

15 Dec 2011 Private funds for Calif. public parks questioned - SFGate

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19 Oct 2011 Coho release highlights 10-year Willow Creek restoration - The Press Democrat

18 Oct 2011 State of the Birds report focuses on Bay Area - SFGate

18 Oct 2011 New study says Bay Area birds are doing well, but continued monitoring is essential - Marin Independent Journal

17 Oct 2011 To save birds, feds hope to drive mice from Farallon Islands - Marin Independent Journal

17 Oct 2011 Concern over fallout of bombing mice with pesticide - SFGate

14 Oct 2011 Cooley Landing project could be interrupted by endangered bird's nesting season - San Jose Mercury News

14 Oct 2011 Fate of a tiny mouse rests on salt marsh restoration - San Jose Mercury News

13 Oct 2011 Small fish with big impact rebounds, easing fears of extinction - San Jose Mercury News

8 Oct 2011 Presidio's Dragonfly Creek undergoing restoration - SFGate

6 Oct 2011 Raptors fill the Jenner Headlands - The Press Democrat

27 Sep 2011 Crews busy near Highway 37 and Mare Island restoring massive wetlands at Cullinan Ranch - Times-Herald

23 Sep 2011 San Francisco Bay restoration funding bill reintroduced in Washington - San Francisco Examiner

22 Sep 2011 Highway 1 project marks first step toward renewed health of Bolinas Lagoon - Marin Independent Journal

22 Sep 2011 Marine areas challenged - Point Reyes Light

20 Sep 2011 $44 million settles Cosco Busan oil spill in bay - SFGate

19 Sep 2011 New report: San Francisco Bay getting healthier, not in the clear yet - San Jose Mercury News

14 Sep 2011 Levee breach bringing new life to Hayward shoreline - Contra Costa Times

14 Sep 2011 Oldest Bay Area salt flat turned into wetland - SFGate

13 Sep 2011 Levee breach marks key step in wetlands restoration - ABC News

13 Sep 2011 Environmentalists Celebrate Levee Destruction - NBC Bay Area

12 Sep 2011 Bay salt pond restoration reaches milestone tomorrow - KQED Radio Quest

10 Sep 2011 Spray plan along Corte Madera Creek draws concern - Marin Independent Journal

7 Sep 2011 Volunteerism Protection Bill Authored by Assemblyman Gordon Signed Into Law - Palo Alto Patch

5 Sep 2011 River advocate and Joint Venture partner David Yearsley dies - Petaluma 360

3 Sep 2011 Park closures would hit close to home for some - San Francisco Chronicle

3 Sep 2011 East Palo Alto's Cooley Landing park project gets big boost - Mercury News

30 Aug 2011 Western Snowy Plovers have returned to Pacifica State Beach in Linda Mar - San Jose Mercury News

26 Aug 2011 Bay Area Open Space Council partners with Lagoon Valley Conservancy - The Reporter

26 Aug 2011 Army Corps study finds that trees can strengthen levees - Sacramento Bee

24 Aug 2011 Water agency leaders oppose deal for proposed Cargill Redwood City development - San Jose Mercury News

21 Aug 2011 Developers withdraw opposition to Bay Area planning document that takes sea level rise into account - San Mateo County Times

19 Aug 2011 Clapper rails discovered nesting in SF - San Francisco Chronicle

14 Aug 2011 Big boost for Laguna de Santa Rosa - Press Democrat

8 Aug 2011 Bay Area island to be restored as marshland - Los Angeles Times

8 Aug 2011 Steelhead runs could return to Alameda Creek by 2016 - Oakland Tribune

4 Aug 2011 Plan to restore Delta released to public - Sacramento Bee

2 Aug 2011 New state 'whale tail' license plates will help Marin enviro programs - Marin Independent Journal

28 Jul 2011 Beneficial bug released in Delta to feed on water hyacinth - Western Farm Press

28 Jul 2011 Report assesses impacts of Russian River lagoon at Jenner - The Press Democrat

27 Jul 2011 Redwood City's Saltworks plan faces another hurdle - San Francisco Chronicle

27 Jul 2011 New POST president takes the reins - Half Moon Bay Review

20 Jul 2011 Agencies promise more attention for Lake Merced - San Francisco Chronicle

15 Jul 2011 Gulls Threaten South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Work - KQED Radio Quest

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30 Jun 2011 Storm Drain Screens Save the Bay - San Leandro Times

29 Jun 2011 Conservation district reaps unprecedented funding - Half Moon Bay Review

29 Jun 2011 North Bay bridge named after Congressional aide - Santa Rosa Press Democrat

29 Jun 2011 Skaggs Island transferred to U.S. Fish and Wildlife - Times-Herald

9 Jun 2011 After Long Wait, Lake Merritt Restoration Takes Shape - Wall Street Journal

6 Jun 2011 Wind power turbines in Altamont Pass threaten protected birds. Scores of golden eagles have been killed after striking the thousands of wind turbines in the Bay Area, raising questions about California's move toward alternative power. - Los Angeles Times

3 Jun 2011 EPA to start first national wetlands assessment, targets two Marin sites - Marin Independent Journal

1 Jun 2011 Project opens tidal action at Alviso between bay and Guadalupe River - San Jose Mercury News

1 Jun 2011 Alviso Waterway Reconnected To The Bay - CBS San Francisco

31 May 2011 Crissy Field 'magical' 10 years after restoration - San Francisco Chronicle

21 May 2011 Funding secured for Middle Bair Island wetlands - San Francisco Examiner

19 May 2011 Conservation Groups, Thousands of Citizens Call on Feds to Protect Birds from Wind Turbines - Yubanet.com

13 May 2011 Pesticide bombing of Farallones mice spurs debate - San Francisco Chronicle

13 May 2011 California officials announce closure of 70 state parks - Sacramento Bee

11 May 2011 Officials: Canal not only option - Recordnet.com

11 May 2011 The wetlands that time forgot - Pacific Sun

10 May 2011 U.S. Reaches a Settlement on Decisions About Endangered Species - New York Times

10 May 2011 Fish and Wildlife Service Announces Work Plan to Restore Biological Priorities and Certainty to Endangered Species Listing Process - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

9 May 2011 Feds mull plan to rid Farallones of house mice - San Francisco Chronicle

9 May 2011 Tidal Marsh Bird Population and Habitat Assessment for the San Francisco Estuary Under Future Climate Change Scenarios - Point Reyes Bird Observatory

8 May 2011 Invasive weed clogs the Laguna de Santa Rosa - The Press Democrat

6 May 2011 Bolinas Lagoon's Kent Island in line for makeover - Marin Independent Journal

4 May 2011 Avocets, snowy plovers nest at former salt ponds - The Almanac

20 Apr 2011 Cost overruns threaten flood project - Napa Valley Register

20 Apr 2011 Court battle expected over Central Valley levee vegetation - Sacramento Bee

20 Apr 2011 Wanderlust: Biking the salt ponds of Alviso - San Jose Mercury News

19 Apr 2011 Major changes coming to part of Lake Merritt - ABC7News

13 Apr 2011 Todd Road resident wants open space - Sonoma West Times & News

5 Apr 2011 National parks good for your health, chief tells Sausalito crowd - Marin Independent Journal

30 Mar 2011 Boat landing, launch sites linking up in Bay - San Francisco Examiner

28 Mar 2011 Supervisor Charles McGlashan dies at 49 after ski weekend at Tahoe - Marin Independent Journal

23 Mar 2011 Public Hearings: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Alternatives for Managing the Don Edwards SF Bay National Wildlife Refuge -

22 Mar 2011 Public access to Skaggs could be still months away - Times-Herald

20 Mar 2011 Marin Audubon angered by Novato environmental damage - Marin Independent Journal

18 Mar 2011 Skaggs Island: Ex-Navy base to wildlife service - San Francisco Chronicle

18 Mar 2011 Navy cedes land to expand wildlife refuge - Times-Herald

18 Mar 2011 No good for the birds, but also no good for the cats - The Washington Post

18 Mar 2011 Hamilton Airfield runway restoration work ends - Marin Independent Journal

16 Mar 2011 Former naval property to become part of wildlife refuge - San Jose Mercury News

15 Mar 2011 Registration is now open for the 12th Annual Open Space Conference, May 12 at the Golden Gate Club in San Francisco's Presidio. - Bay Area Open Space Council

13 Mar 2011 Marin Voice: Endangering environmental progress - Marin Voice

3 Mar 2011 Wildlife flourish in Cargill's Redwood City salt ponds - San Jose Mercury News

20 Feb 2011 Report: Mt. Tam bird population is healthy - Marin Independent Journal

17 Feb 2011 East Palo Alto waterfront park project at Cooley Landing gets $244,649 boost - Palo Alto Daily News

10 Feb 2011 Flyway Festival offers educated look at wetlands - San Francisco Chronicle

4 Feb 2011 A tax break for helping wildlife - Napa Valley Register

4 Feb 2011 Brown's water chief wants Delta water diverted to Southern California - Contra Costa Times

3 Feb 2011 'So far, so good' for salt pond restoration effort - San Jose Mercury News

2 Feb 2011 New report outlines how to protect sea life off Marin's shores - Marin Independent Journal

30 Jan 2011 Connecting kids to nature: Volunteer docent shares in children's wonder discovering sprawling ecosystem of the Laguna de Santa Rosa - Santa Rosa Press Democrat

27 Jan 2011 Report calls for restoration of oyster beds, other Bay underwater habitats - Contra Costa Times

19 Jan 2011 Breuner Marsh restoration will turn old dumping ground into ecological gem - Contra Costa Times

16 Jan 2011 State parks budget cuts shouldn't be ruinous - San Francisco Chronicle

14 Jan 2011 Feds downsize tiger salamander protection area - Santa Rosa Press Democrat

13 Jan 2011 Novato students help restore wetlands along Highway 37 - Marin Independent Journal

11 Jan 2011 Laguna de Santa Rosa gets international designation - Santa Rosa Press Democrat

9 Jan 2011 Hunters Point project moves forward - San Francisco Chronicle

5 Jan 2011 Volunteers in Oakland restoring California clapper rail habitat - Oakland Tribune

5 Jan 2011 Group that buys, preserves open space in Solano County celebrates its 25th year - Vallejo Times-Herald

29 Dec 2010 Federal grant will help restore Oakley wetland - Contra Costa Times

29 Dec 2010 Bill to restore wetlands, clapper rail habitat dies - San Francisco Chronicle

20 Dec 2010 Billion-dollar bird shares its bounty - Funding to protect clapper rail benefits many species - San Francisco Chronicle

18 Dec 2010 Brentwood fish ladder to help Marsh Creek salmon - San Francisco Chronicle

17 Dec 2010 RUSSIAN RIVER: Estuary study available to public - Santa Rosa Press Democrat

17 Dec 2010 Hope for survival as coho come home - San Francisco Chronicle

14 Dec 2010 Funding for Lynch Canyon environmental studies OK'd - Vallejo Times-Herald

9 Dec 2010 Endangered coho salmon begin migration to Marin - Marin Independent Journal

7 Dec 2010 New Altamont wind turbines aim to cut bird deaths - San Francisco Chronicle

6 Dec 2010 CHRONICLE EDITORIAL on Bay Preservation: A risky development - San Francisco Chronicle

6 Dec 2010 75 salmon return to Napa River to spawn Upvalley - Napa Valley Register

4 Dec 2010 'Renaissance of the bay' continues with restoration of 330-acre former salt pond off Alviso - San Jose Mercury News

3 Dec 2010 Secretary Salazar Applauds President’s Nomination of Dan Ashe to be Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - US FWS News Release

22 Nov 2010 Water transfer a maze of laws, utilities - San Francisco Chronicle

21 Nov 2010 Shoring up the wetlands to save San Francisco Bay - San Jose Mercury News

14 Nov 2010 Coastal studies experts: “For coastal management purposes, a [sea level] rise of 7 feet (2 meters) should be utilized for planning major infrastructure”. Front-page NY Times piece on sea level rise gets it mostly right - Climate Progress

10 Nov 2010 Pacifica cracks down on off-leash dogs to protect western snowy plover - San Jose Mercury News

10 Nov 2010 Bob Doyle promoted to head East Bay Regional Park District - Contra Costa Times

10 Nov 2010 Pond restored for endangered species - Half Moon Bay Review

8 Nov 2010 Pescadero fish die-off spurs lawsuit threat - San Mateo County Times

5 Nov 2010 Shollenberger: Park or dredge spoils site? - Petaluma 360

4 Nov 2010 State park officials scramble after measure's loss - San Francisco Chronicle

4 Nov 2010 Prop. 23 battle marks new era in environmental politics Wealthy Californians and conservation groups united in a bipartisan campaign to defeat the oil industry-sponsored initiative to suspend the state's greenhouse gas law. - Los Angeles Times

3 Nov 2010 Vehicle license fee to fund park system fails - San Francisco Chronicle

3 Nov 2010 Environmental review begins on plan to build on Cargill flats - San Francisco Examiner

29 Oct 2010 $188 million agreement will restore habitat - Sacramento Bee

26 Oct 2010 Novato pond gets a boost from land donation - Marin Independent Journal

26 Oct 2010 Hart named Sonoma County parks director - Santa Rosa Press Democrat

12 Oct 2010 Work continues to bring back eco-function at Muir Beach - Marin Independent Journal

12 Oct 2010 Officials refuse to clear levees of foliage - San Francisco Chronicle

5 Oct 2010 A Tale of Two Salt Ponds - San Jose Mercury News

1 Oct 2010 Governor signs Wiggins bill bolstering Williamson Act - Eureka Times-Standard

1 Oct 2010 Park It: East County land purchases move forward - Contra Costa Times

23 Sep 2010 Park Service plans public meetings on Point Reyes oyster farm lease - Marin Independent Journal

23 Sep 2010 NPS invites comment on oyster farm’s impact - Point Reyes Light

21 Sep 2010 How Should San Francisco Plan for Sea-Level Rise? ERRATA: The Napa Plant Site (the 1,400 acre site referred to as a comparison for the Redwood City site) is being restored at an estimated cost of $ 16 million, not $134 million. The estimated construction cost is $13 to $14 million. - Scientific American

19 Sep 2010 Wildcat Creek cleanup gets $1.8 million grant - San Francisco Chronicle

16 Sep 2010 Oakland project restoring Lake Merritt's sparkle - San Francisco Chronicle

15 Sep 2010 Celebrating Phase of Restoration Project - KCBS

7 Sep 2010 Farm road project seeks to restore balance to creek - Napa Valley Register

7 Sep 2010 Given up for dead, lost wetlands springing back to life in south county - Napa Valley Register


7 Sep 2010 Feinstein marks end of wetlands restoration project - ABC7 / KGO

7 Sep 2010 South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Celebrated - CBS5.com

7 Sep 2010 South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Celebrated - KPIX / CBS5

7 Sep 2010 SF Bay Dumbarton Bridge wetlands area restored - San Francisco Chronicle

7 Sep 2010 Dumbarton Bridge Wetlands Restored (audio) - KGO AM 810

7 Sep 2010 Wetlands restoration along Dumbarton Bridge speeds up Bay renaissance - San Jose Mercury News

6 Sep 2010 Vintners sacrifice vines to create a more natural Napa River - Napa Valley Register

5 Sep 2010 Birds and fish are big winners as Napa River is restored - Napa Valley Register

5 Sep 2010 The scoop on Lagoon Valley - Vacaville Reporter

3 Sep 2010 Hunters Point bridge target of groups' lawsuit - San Francisco Chronicle

3 Sep 2010 Chevron to pay $2.85 million for wetlands restoration - Contra Costa Times

26 Aug 2010 Napa-Sonoma marsh restoration's last phase begins - San Francisco Chronicle

25 Aug 2010 Marshland restored in North Bay as tides flow in - Contra Costa Times

25 Aug 2010 Levee breached to restore AmCan area wetlands - Napa Valley Register

24 Aug 2010 Going UP: Sea Level Rise in San Francisco Bay - QUEST Community Science Blog - KQED

20 Aug 2010 Latest wetlands project begins in Novato - Marin Independent Journal

20 Aug 2010 Polishing Oakland's Crown Jewel: Lake Merritt Reborn - QUEST Community Science Blog - KQED

18 Aug 2010 Levees broken, levees built at Eden Landing in Hayward - Oakland Tribune

17 Aug 2010 Chewing Through the Bay’s Salty Past. Gold isn't the only California treasure. Salt also played a key role in our history. - NBC Bay Area

17 Aug 2010 Just add water. Former Cargill salt ponds being converted to tidal marsh, expanding the bay. - San Jose Mercury News

16 Aug 2010 Discovery Bay putting wetlands to work - Contra Costa Times

10 Aug 2010 Suisun Marsh restoration plans OK'd - Vacaville Reporter

10 Aug 2010 San Geronimo tree plan sent back to drawing board - Marin Independent Journal

3 Aug 2010 Marin Voice: Pivotal decision for Marin's coho - Marin Independent Journal

2 Aug 2010 Environmental group targets Corps of Engineers' levee rules - Sacramento Bee

31 Jul 2010 Supervisor: San Geronimo creek rules to extend throughout Marin - Marin Independent Journal

30 Jul 2010 Endangered mouse upsets Martinez marina plans - Contra Costa Times

29 Jul 2010 For the birds: Open Space Committee and PB&R recommend different plans to protect Western Snowy Plover habitats on Pacifica State Beach - Pacifica Tribune

28 Jul 2010 S.F. supes approve Hunters Point redevelopment - San Francisco Chronicle

28 Jul 2010 Bridge reduced for shipyard project - San Francisco Examiner

22 Jul 2010 Grant will help Audubon Canyon Ranch target invasive weeds - Marin Independent Journal

21 Jul 2010 A port at Alviso? Business leaders, public agencies say it's worth a look - San Jose Mercury News

17 Jul 2010 Shedding more light on marshland restoration project - Napa Valley Register

14 Jul 2010 Sandbar breached as estuary plan unfolds. Nature trumps federal mandates. - Sonoma West Times & News

12 Jul 2010 Marin planners toughen up tree ordinance - Marin Independent Journal

6 Jul 2010 Land trusts wary of losing fiscal control - Vacaville Reporter

24 Jun 2010 Water district dedicates two projects along Fremont creek - San Jose Mercury News

20 Jun 2010 Army Corps: Developers can't proceed on Redwood City bayfront project without permits - San Jose Mercury News

13 Jun 2010 More Bay less Area: Sea level rise will threaten residents but Bay Area has no comprehensive protection strategy - San Mateo County Times

13 Jun 2010 S.F.'s buried streams may see the light of day - San Francisco Chronicle

4 Jun 2010 Ducks Unlimited raises funds for restoration projects - Vallejo Times Herald

3 Jun 2010 Panel to vote on Hunters Point report today - San Francisco Chronicle

2 Jun 2010 Fight looms over removal of Searsville Dam - San Francisco Chronicle

25 May 2010 Two specialized license plates for Bay Area and Sierra environment fail to win approval - San Jose Mercury News

22 May 2010 Editorial: Redwood City salt ponds not the right place for massive development - San Jose Mercury News

13 May 2010 Major quake or flood could be disastrous for Cargill's Saltworks project - San Jose Mercury News

13 May 2010 Salmon may be returning to Napa River - Early results of salmon count have scientists upbeat - Weekly Calistogan

12 May 2010 Conference focuses on oil-spill preparedness - San Francisco Chronicle

12 May 2010 Estuary plan up for environmental review - Scoping meetings next week on management plan - Sonoma West Times & News

9 May 2010 Seeking the Fine Line of Where the Bay Ends - New York Times

9 May 2010 Marin plan to widen Highway 101 starts turf war for Twain's frog - Marin Independent Journal

23 Apr 2010 Bill to fund efforts to restore bay's wetlands - San Francisco Chronicle

22 Apr 2010 Bill to provide 1 billion for San Francisco Bay restoration moves forward - San Jose Mercury News

21 Apr 2010 Bill could be S.F. Bay's salvation - Contra Costa Times

20 Apr 2010 Environmental groups turn in 760,000 signatures for November ballot measure to fund parks - San Jose Mercury News

16 Apr 2010 Opportunity to restore San Francisco creeks - San Francisco Chronicle

16 Apr 2010 Vernal pools' 'excellent year' - Contra Costa Times

15 Apr 2010 Locals help restore oyster reefs - Point Reyes Light

13 Apr 2010 Fish traps have no place at Lake Merritt - San Francisco Chronicle

10 Apr 2010 Lange's metalmark butterfly rises in Antioch - San Francisco Chronicle

1 Apr 2010 The Once and Future Delta: Mending the Broken Heart of California - Bay Nature Magazine

31 Mar 2010 Water board reviews Pleasanton wetlands dispute - San Francisco Chronicle

31 Mar 2010 Opinion: Huge development on salt ponds would be terrible - San Jose Mercury News

29 Mar 2010 San Joaquin River again flowing to Pacific - Sacramento Bee

28 Mar 2010 State spends $730,000 to help coho salmon - Marin Independent Journal

25 Mar 2010 Ghost town of Drawbridge is going down into bay - San Francisco Chronicle

25 Mar 2010 State expands marine areas at last minute - Point Reyes Light

22 Mar 2010 Environmentalists, political leaders push to derail San Francisco Bay Saltworks development - Sacramento Bee

18 Mar 2010 Feds release plan to save Marin and state coho salmon - Marin Independent Journal

18 Mar 2010 Habitat restoration will benefit trout and salmon - Santa Rosa Press Democrat

17 Mar 2010 1.6 million acres in 27 California counties set aside as frog habitat. Two previous efforts to set aside a protected area for the red-legged frog were thwarted. - Los Angeles Times

16 Mar 2010 Frog gets protected habitat in Sonoma, Mendocino counties - Santa Rosa Press Democrat

8 Mar 2010 5-term Sierra Club chief, Edgar Wayburn, dies - San Francisco Chronicle

8 Mar 2010 Edgar Wayburn leaves giant legacy in Marin and beyond - Marin Independent Journal

5 Mar 2010 Neighbors' work to save Butters Canyon pays off - San Francisco Chronicle

4 Mar 2010 Editorial: On a Redwood City development - San Francisco Chronicle

4 Mar 2010 State: Tiger salamander a threatened species - San Francisco Chronicle

3 Mar 2010 Eco-Plaza Needs a Green Light - East Bay Express

1 Mar 2010 Environmentalists fight Redwood City project - San Francisco Chronicle

27 Feb 2010 Environmentalists take stand against proposed development - KTVU FOX-2

26 Feb 2010 Bay Area officials blast Cargill project - San Jose Mercury News

25 Feb 2010 Opposition mounts to 12,000-home development on Cargill Salt lands in Redwood City - San Jose Mercury News

19 Feb 2010 Salt pond restoration tests for hidden danger - San Francisco Chronicle

16 Feb 2010 2-year fishing ban to save Alameda Creek trout - San Francisco Chronicle

16 Feb 2010 2-year fishing ban to save Alameda Creek trout - San Francisco Chronicle

11 Feb 2010 Marsh plan nearly final, but no funds - San Francisco Chronicle

11 Feb 2010 Sacramento River Fall Salmon Run Reaches New Record Low - Water Exports Are Killing California Jobs and Salmon - San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center

9 Feb 2010 San Geronimo Valley salmon protection plan OK'd by supervisors - Marin Independent Journal

5 Feb 2010 Despite rain, coho salmon numbers remain low in Lagunitas Creek - Marin Independent Journal

4 Feb 2010 Large piece added to Novato's Hamilton wetlands project - Marin Independent Journal

4 Feb 2010 Grazing limits help creeks - Point Reyes Light

2 Feb 2010 Point Reyes park superintendent tapped for Yosemite - Marin Independent Journal

28 Jan 2010 135-foot water tower topples - Sonoma Index-Tribune

21 Jan 2010 Redwood City Saltworks project lurches along in the wrong direction - San Mateo County Times

13 Jan 2010 Project To Restore South Bay Wetland Gets Underway - cbs5.com /KCBS San Jose

12 Jan 2010 New project will reconnect San Francisco Bay to the Guadalupe River, restoring environment - San Jose Mercury News

12 Jan 2010 Restoration project in Alviso key to restoring San Francisco Bay wetlands - San Jose Mercury News

10 Jan 2010 Muir Beach work on flood plain aids endangered fish - Marin Independent Journal

10 Jan 2010 Dillon Beach wetlands get federal funds - Point Reyes Light

8 Jan 2010 Marin Audubon poised to buy Novato-area wetlands - Marin Independent Journal

4 Jan 2010 Dillon Beach campground seeks to preserve wetlands - Marin Independent Journal

4 Jan 2010 Environmental license plates stuck in neutral; bad economy and small logos suspected - San Jose Mercury News

2 Jan 2010 Marin’s coho salmon on the brink of extinction - Marin Independent Journal

28 Dec 2009 Golden Gate Bridge license plate low on orders - San Francisco Chronicle

19 Dec 2009 Rain aids West Marin salmon spawn - San Francisco Chronicle

18 Dec 2009 Deal completed to preserve Sonoma coast, forest - San Francisco Chronicle

1 Dec 2009 Conservation law helps preserve properties - San Francisco Chronicle

29 Nov 2009 Volunteers turn Presidio back to nature - San Francisco Chronicle

27 Nov 2009 Battle lines drawn over Cargill plan - San Mateo Daily Journal

12 Nov 2009 Brown pelican removed from endangered species list. A century-long effort to protect the bird is no longer necessary, federal officials say. The population, once imperiled by hunters and DDT, has reached more than 650,000 in North and Central America. - Los Angeles Times

10 Nov 2009 Novato backs relief for Hamilton truck nuisance - Marin Independent Journal

9 Nov 2009 Marin Voice: Saving coho takes tough action - Marin Independent Journal

6 Nov 2009 Redwood City developer faces 'green' opposition - KGO-TV San Francisco, CA

5 Nov 2009 Gulls winning wetlands battle - Contra Costa Times

5 Nov 2009 Alameda: Mopping up after another oil spill - Oakland Tribune

3 Nov 2009 Oil spill cleanup continues on Alameda shore - San Francisco Chronicle

3 Nov 2009 Detail work in spill cleanup may take weeks - San Francisco Chronicle

2 Nov 2009 Interior bill includes Point Reyes oyster farm provision - Marin Independent Journal

2 Nov 2009 More wildlife turns up dead from oil spill - Oakland Tribune

31 Oct 2009 Debate Flares on Limits of Nature and Commerce in Parks - New York Times

30 Oct 2009 10/30/2009: Oil spills into S.F. Bay south of Bay Bridge - San Francisco Chronicle

29 Oct 2009 Tiny rare fish with a grand plan in West Marin - Marin Independent Journal

17 Oct 2009 Laguna de Santa Rosa: Waterway rediscovered - Santa Rosa Press Democrat

12 Oct 2009 Ecosystem Advocates Plot Push for Restoration Cash - New York Times

11 Oct 2009 Schwarzenegger, legislative leaders agree to fix fragile delta - San Jose Mercury News

10 Oct 2009 Salmon stranded in San Geronimo Valley - San Francisco Chronicle

8 Oct 2009 Park denies native oysters - Point Reyes Light

5 Oct 2009 S.F. Bay's slide in mud worries scientists - San Francisco Chronicle

5 Oct 2009 It's clear: The Bay isn't as murky - Contra Costa Times

5 Oct 2009 Feinstein backs down on Point Reyes oyster farm - Marin Independent Journal

2 Oct 2009 As House OK's big water bill, Sen. Feinstein spills plans for even bigger legislation - Sacramento Bee

2 Oct 2009 Scientists study fish decline, flooding problem in Pescadero - San Mateo County Times

23 Sep 2009 Experts converge for marsh workshop - Half Moon Bay Review

22 Sep 2009 Hunt for clues to sea life deaths at Farallones - San Francisco Chronicle

21 Sep 2009 The All-Bird Bulletin Fall 2009 Article: 21st Century Partnerships Restoring San Francisco Bay and Coastal Wetlands - The All-Bird Bulletin

18 Sep 2009 Coastal Commission enters fray over Marin oyster farm - Marin Independent Journal

11 Sep 2009 Salt pond development a real threat to Redwood City's Port - San Jose Mercury News

2 Sep 2009 Vast shift in bird species expected from warming - San Francisco Chronicle

1 Sep 2009 Changes In California's Bird Communities Due To Climate Change, Study Finds - Science Daily

27 Aug 2009 Sonoma Land Trust kicks off drive to raise $18 million, $6 million contribution already received from Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation - Santa Rosa Press Democrat

24 Aug 2009 Park It: Land purchase preserves shrimp habitat - Contra Costa Times

20 Aug 2009 City apologizes for over-mowing wetlands park - Park docents say native plants were chopped up; landscaper went too far in maintaining Shollenberger levee trails, city admits - Petaluma360.com | Petaluma Argus-Courier

18 Aug 2009 Land trust's new director takes helm - Vacaville Reporter

17 Aug 2009 Excavators remove a relic of Camp Meeker's past - Santa Rosa Press Democrat

13 Aug 2009 Cosco Busan operator guilty, faces $10M bill - San Francisco Chronicle

13 Aug 2009 Plotting the path of renewable power lines - San Francisco Chronicle

13 Aug 2009 San Geronimo Valley prepares to protect salmon habitat - Point Reyes Light

2 Aug 2009 An Underwater Fight Is Waged for the Health of San Francisco Bay - New York Times

1 Aug 2009 Martinez creek menagerie now has minks - San Francisco Chronicle

30 Jul 2009 PRBO/Farallones on KQED Quest - KQED Quest

30 Jul 2009 Wetlands restoration gets $8.5 million. Project could be completed as soon as next year - American Canyon Eagle

30 Jul 2009 Saltworks plan divides community - San Francisco Examiner

29 Jul 2009 Wetlands trails at new sewer plant to open Friday - Petaluma360.com | Petaluma Argus-Courier

29 Jul 2009 Conservation Guidelines Define Important Bird Areas at Sea - Environmental News Service

25 Jul 2009 Millions in federal money goes to wetlands project - Napa Valley Register

24 Jul 2009 Chronicle Editorial: Warming, pollution, development threaten bay - San Francisco Chronicle

24 Jul 2009 Rep. Lynn Woolsey wins House approval for Marin projects totaling $30 million - Marin Independent Journal

18 Jul 2009 Microorganisms in waters near Alviso fascinate scientists, explorers - San Jose Mercury News

16 Jul 2009 House Approves Joint Ventures Program to Protect Migratory Birds - Environmental News Service

15 Jul 2009 Designers answer call to fight rising seas - San Francisco Chronicle

9 Jul 2009 Petaluma wetlands is a birder’s dream - Petaluma Argus-Courier

8 Jul 2009 Kelp among top 10 invasive seaweeds hits S.F. - San Francisco Chronicle

6 Jul 2009 Golden Gate license plates jammed in slow lane - San Francisco Chronicle

6 Jul 2009 Editorial: Feinstein should make case for oyster extension - Marin Independent Journal

6 Jul 2009 Skaggs Island closer to refuge status - Sonoma Index-Tribune

27 Jun 2009 Richmond's Breuner Marsh to get $3 million for tidal restoration - Contra Costa Times

25 Jun 2009 Feinstein calls for extension of oyster farm's lease - Marin Independent Journal

17 Jun 2009 Carquinez water flows in to revive Martinez tidal marsh - Contra Costa Times

14 Jun 2009 Work crews to improve Sonoma County creeks - Santa Rosa Press Democrat

14 Jun 2009 Foster City: a story of filling the bay - San Francisco Chronicle

11 Jun 2009 Nonprofit to buy aquarium at Pier 39 - San Francisco Chronicle

11 Jun 2009 State Parks on Chopping Block - San Francisco Chronicle

9 Jun 2009 Farallon Islands seen as climate-change bellwether - Contra Costa Times

8 Jun 2009 $800,000 in federal stimulus funds OK'd for Tomales Bay wetlands project - Marin Independent Journal

2 Jun 2009 Candlestick Point proposal takes heat from Sierra Club - San Francisco Examiner

30 May 2009 Brian O'Neill brought dreams to life at GGNRA - San Francisco Chronicle

28 May 2009 25 Bay Area parks may close from budget crisis - San Francisco Chronicle

28 May 2009 Estero jurisdiction murky - Point Reyes Light

22 May 2009 Federal dollars flow to state water projects - San Francisco Chronicle

17 May 2009 The man behind the park - San Francisco Chronicle

14 May 2009 Popular GGNRA superintendent Brian O'Neill dies - San Francisco Chronicle

14 May 2009 Golden Gate National Recreation Area superintendent dies - San Jose Mercury News

13 May 2009 Developers propose up to 12,000 homes along bayfront at Redwood City - San Jose Mercury News

2 May 2009 Marin snapshot: Naturalist leads efforts to protect, expand habitats - Marin Independent Journal

1 May 2009 Letter to the Editor: Restore, not just maintain, ecosystems, by Nathaniel E. Seavy, Ph.D., and Thomas Gardali - Christian Science Monitor

29 Apr 2009 Solano County to Purchase $25M in Private Placement Bonds - Vacaville Reporter

23 Apr 2009 California sells bonds to resume public projects - Sacramento Bee

14 Apr 2009 New marsh trail off limits for now - Vallejo Times Herald

8 Apr 2009 Habitat proposal endangers links at Sharp Park - San Francisco Chronicle

8 Apr 2009 State water board OKs $1.6 million settlement for Mill Valley sewage spills - Marin Independent Journal

25 Mar 2009 Bond sale bonanza for public works projects - San Francisco Chronicle

21 Mar 2009 Letters to the Editor: Rising sea - San Francisco Chronicle

20 Mar 2009 Audubon California maps show where the birds are - Los Angeles Times

19 Mar 2009 State set to spring funds for work projects - San Francisco Chronicle

19 Mar 2009 Bay Area sewer, water projects to get federal stimulus funding - San Jose Mercury News

16 Mar 2009 $1 million grants will restore wetlands - Vacaville Reporter

13 Mar 2009 Evans named to Coastal Conservancy - Santa Rosa Press Democrat

12 Mar 2009 Ocean expected to rise 5 feet along coastlines - San Francisco Chronicle

11 Mar 2009 As sea levels rise, so does threat to Bay Area property - Contra Costa Times

8 Mar 2009 Development plans on controversial site released - San Francisco Examiner

2 Mar 2009 Richmond hopes to protect 5 miles of wetlands - San Francisco Chronicle

24 Feb 2009 We need to invest in open space - Marin Independent Journal

19 Feb 2009 Bird Diversity Helps Protect Humans From West Nile Virus - Environmental News Service

18 Feb 2009 Marin County Sewage Spill Closes Bay Area Beaches - Environmental News Service

18 Feb 2009 Green Neighbors: The Richmond Chainsaw Massacre, Part One - The Berkeley Daily Planet

15 Feb 2009 Her watershed moment - Christine Engel found role in preserving, teaching about vital waterway - Santa Rosa Press Democrat

14 Feb 2009 The myth of the 'San Francisco mouse' - San Francisco Chronicle

12 Feb 2009 Wildlife fund loan could cost state millions in federal money - Sacramento Bee

12 Feb 2009 Bay Area mouse spurs national debate over stimulus bill - San Jose Mercury News

8 Feb 2009 The Bay Area as an ecosystem - San Francisco Chronicle

8 Feb 2009 Editorial: 'Golden Lands' report should shape policies on open space - San Jose Mercury News

4 Feb 2009 Report urges preserving Bay Area outdoors - San Francisco Chronicle

2 Feb 2009 Fish-friendly workers hit hard times - Conservation district stopping work, trimming budget - Napa Valley Register

29 Jan 2009 Environmental concerns cloud Marin County hideaway's future - Sacramento Bee

28 Jan 2009 Cargill site removed from general plan update - City sets up two-step process - San Mateo County Times

27 Jan 2009 Brisbane residents want Baylands wetlands restored, Brisbane residents say wetlands great for children - San Mateo County Times

26 Jan 2009 California budget crunch: 75 projects throughout Marin are frozen - Marin Independent Journal

21 Jan 2009 Funding freeze halts environmental projects across California - Commissions and nonprofits charged with conserving parks, wildlife, water and mountain areas of the state are at risk of laying off staff or closing since the state stopped funding last month - Los Angeles Times

16 Jan 2009 Cash crunch halts 4,000 conservation projects - San Francisco Chronicle

16 Jan 2009 Department of Finance gets money to pay for contract work - Sacramento Bee

15 Jan 2009 Environmental projects taking a hit in state budget crisis - San Jose Mercury News

8 Jan 2009 Oyster farm urged to sell and relocate - Point Reyes Light

3 Jan 2009 Sulphur Creek land swap revisited - St. Helena officials ask Mennen to rework deal - Napa Valley Register

3 Jan 2009 Light run of endangered fish in Marin creeks worries biologists - Marin Independent Journal

1 Jan 2009 Taking the Heat - Bay Area Ecosystems in the Age of Climate Change - Bay Nature

26 Dec 2008 Workers, equipment idle as projects on hold - On North Coast, layoffs and job uncertainty follow state's freezing of bond funds - Santa Rosa Press Democrat

22 Dec 2008 New wetlands plan worries S.F. Bay fishermen - San Francisco Chronicle

18 Dec 2008 Little by little, volunteers green up Eden Landing - Hayward Daily Review

10 Dec 2008 Council OKs phase of Hamilton levee work - Novato Advance

8 Dec 2008 Port of Redwood City dredging project to benefit Bair Island - San Mateo County Times

5 Dec 2008 Marin researchers help with study of life in the bay - Marin Independent Journal

4 Dec 2008 Restoring Marshland- Massive earth-moving project re-creates wetlands as they were 60 years ago - Santa Rosa Press Democrat

24 Nov 2008 California bulks up defenses against tide of global warming - Sacramento Bee

20 Nov 2008 Gateway to the Laguna - $700,000 grant from Coastal Conservancy aids creation interpretive center at Stone Farm - Santa Rosa Press Democrat

19 Nov 2008 Editorial: State needs to be ready for warming - SOME IMPACTS ARE LIKELY EVEN IF GREENHOUSE GASES ARE LIMITED - Sacramento Bee

18 Nov 2008 San Gregorio Creek to have habitat restored - Palo Alto Online

15 Nov 2008 Marin Audubon given San Rafael tidal marsh - Marin Independent Journal

12 Nov 2008 Marin's new open space push - Marin Independent Journal

12 Nov 2008 Critics wary of underwater pit for Novato wetlands project - Marin Independent Journal

7 Nov 2008 A year after the Cosco Busan spill - San Francisco Chronicle

5 Nov 2008 Election update: Voters approve Napa, Solano land use measures, Measures P, T would extend protections, limit development - Vallejo Times Herald

4 Nov 2008 East Bay parks bond issue gets voter nod - Contra Costa Times

2 Nov 2008 Uncertainty over Cosco Busan's lasting impact - San Francisco Chronicle

1 Nov 2008 Audubon Magazine: Bay Watch - One year ago a major oil spill in San Francisco Bay marked the latest insult to a waterway already reeling from 150 years of degradation. But one of the most ambitious projects of its kind in the world continues to lift hopes for the bay’s renewal, even among die-hard skeptics. - Audubon Mgazine

30 Oct 2008 Tide turns at Point Reyes wetlands - Point Reyes Light

29 Oct 2008 Less than half the birds rescued in San Francisco Bay oil spill survived - Los Angeles times

28 Oct 2008 Wetland restoration will be first in Delta history - Contra Costa Times

27 Oct 2008 CLIMATE CHANGE: We did it, we can undo it - International Herald Tribune

26 Oct 2008 Northern California wetlands are getting back to natural - A $10-million project by the National Park Service aims to fully restore a Marin County estuary, which was turned into pastureland more than 60 years ago. - Los Angeles times

22 Oct 2008 Park bond stirs open space debate - Contra Costa Times

21 Oct 2008 Restoration offers more questions than answers - San Francisco Chronicle

21 Oct 2008 Park ready to let the tides back in to Giacomini wetlands in Point Reyes Station - Marin Independent Journal

21 Oct 2008 County rejects environmental studies for farmers - Santa Rosa Press Democrat

17 Oct 2008 Hamilton wetlands could accelerate with bay hole proposal - Marin Independent Journal

15 Oct 2008 Small fish "tracers" detect Bay mercury threats - UCD researcher leads joint study to identify contamination sources - California Aggie

8 Oct 2008 New Bay Area wetlands created with breach of berm - Contra Costa Times

8 Oct 2008 After long fight, Bahia levee breached, wetlands returning - Marin Independent Journal

8 Oct 2008 New Bay Area wetlands created with breach of berm - Contra Costa Times

7 Oct 2008 Audio Slideshow: BAHIA WETLANDS RESTORATION - Marin Independent Journal

2 Oct 2008 Skaggs Island wetlands closer, but not a deal - Sonoma Index-Tribune

30 Sep 2008 Measure WW: big reinvestment in East Bay parks - San Francisco Chronicle

30 Sep 2008 Beavers blamed for likely bank failure - San Francisco Chronicle

29 Sep 2008 Warning on lead fallout at gun clubs - San Francisco Chronicle

29 Sep 2008 Stalled restoration of Skaggs Island poised to begin Measure to free 3,300 acres at former Navy base for wildlife refuge - Santa Rosa press Democrat

9 Sep 2008 Presidio’s creeks will spring back to life - San Francisco Chronicle

2 Sep 2008 Farmers stalk wildlife to keep salads free of bacteria - Under pressure from companies that sell fresh greens, California growers are resorting to shooting, trapping and poisoning animals and destroying their habitats to avert another E. coli disaster. - Los Angeles times

1 Sep 2008 Wetlands project gets $420,000 state grant - Marin Independent Journal

1 Sep 2008 Half Moon Bay loses last chance for state aid on Beachwood bill - San Mateo County Times

30 Aug 2008 Scientists to assess oyster farm's impact - Marin Independent Journal

23 Aug 2008 Yee bill now includes community park, goes to committee - Half Moon Bay Review

23 Aug 2008 Delta plan nearly complete - MUCH OF FOCUS IS ON MORE EFFICIENT USE - San Jose Mercury News

22 Aug 2008 Future cleanup day to highlight Marsh Creek - Contra Costa Times

21 Aug 2008 Laguna pepperweed progress reported to Council - Northeast Plan seen moving slowly to eventual vote - Sonoma West Times & News

16 Aug 2008 Yee proposes Half Moon Bay park plan - San Mateo Daily journal

9 Aug 2008 Small-scale dredging of Bolinas Lagoon urged - Marin Independent Journal

4 Aug 2008 It's about legacy, not oysters - Marin Independent Journal

4 Aug 2008 Restoration of Salt ponds in the works - San Mateo Daily journal

3 Aug 2008 Bair Island restoration continues in spurts - San Mateo County Times

1 Aug 2008 New Marin Community Water Conservation Initiative - Coastal Post

31 Jul 2008 Bahia Marsh bouncing back - Restoration turns boating lagoon back to wetland - Novato Advance

30 Jul 2008 Cooley Landing set for makeover - Council accepts $250K grant, matches with $90K for development - Palo Alto Daily News

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