Klamath Bird Observatory

Science Director

Klamath Bird Observatory is hiring a Science Director to lead our conservation science programs and develop an exciting and actionable research agenda for the future. This will include program development and design, implementing new and existing programs, and delivering relevant conservation results from KBO’s research and monitoring programs. In general, KBO’s science programs involve long-term monitoring, applied ecology studies, species-specific full annual cycle research, and informatics and data science. Job duties include supervising Science Team staff, overseeing fieldwork (including mist-netting and banding, target-netting and tagging, point counts, single-species monitoring protocols, spot-mapping, nest searching, and associated vegetation surveys), data management, analysis, writing technical reports and peer-reviewed publication, and science delivery. The Science Director will collaborate with a diverse suite of domestic and international partners to inform resource management strategies and conservation actions that improve outcomes for birds and ecosystems.


Klamath Bird Observatory

Date Posted

January 13, 2023

Application Deadline