San Francisco Bay Conservation & Development Commission

RFP: EPA Grant-Facilitator

BCDC is seeking the services of a consultant, preferably trained in the Open Standard for the Practice of Conservation and Results Chain Analysis, to assist the Project Manager, and staff.

A recent report by the San Francisco Estuary Institute, “Sediment for Survival” found that between 450 and 650 million cubic yards of sediment and soil will be needed to both restore marshes and adapt existing marshes to rising seas between now and 2100. This understanding has created an urgent need for more collaboration, and coordination among stakeholders and projects that manage or have access to sediment or soil, such as flood and navigation dredging and construction projects, as well as the habitat restoration community.

To address these cross-jurisdictional, Bay-wide concerns, BCDC, will work with the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board, the San Francisco Estuary Institute, and the San Francisco Bay Joint Venture in collaboration with other public agencies and stakeholders, including the navigation dredging industry, flood protection agencies, habitat restoration community, construction industry, environmental and social justice communities, and the interested public. The partners have specific expertise in watershed science, sediment science, and restoration science and practitioners, respectively. This joint initiative aims to lay out the actions necessary to bring the necessary sediment and soil to restoration and sea level rise adaptation projects.



San Francisco Bay Conservation & Development Commission

Date Posted

March 6, 2023

Application Deadline

March 20, 2023