Resource Environmental Solutions, LLC. (RES)

Regulatory Specialist – Wetland Delineator

Resource Environmental Solutions (RES) is looking for a Regulatory Specialist – Wetland Delineator for our West Region Operations. RES is rapidly expanding our habitat restoration activities into the western states including California Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and Idaho, and so is the regulatory and ecology team. You will be supporting the Regulatory Manager, Project Management team, and Ecology team in conducting fieldwork, leading Clean Water Act (CWA) Section 404/401 delineations as well for State wetland protection regulations.

Work will primarily focus on performing and/or overseeing aquatic resource delineations, soil characterizations, and associated technical regulatory analysis, and report preparation. Our regulatory specialists are supported by ecologists and project managers and other resource experts within our national organization.


Resource Environmental Solutions, LLC. (RES)

Date Posted

November 8, 2022

Application Deadline