Audubon Canyon Ranch

Crew Lead, Fire Forward

The Crew Lead supports hiring and onboarding of and coordinates and supervises the Fire Forward Apprenticeship Crew (a five-person, full-time fire and ecosystem stewardship crew) with a workforce/professional development focus in the areas of fuels treatments, ecological monitoring, prescribed burn planning and implementation, and fireline leadership. The Crew Lead directs the Apprenticeship Crew on prescribed burns, including preparation of fire lines, equipment maintenance, post-burn monitoring and other prescribed fire and vegetation management related tasks. The Crew Lead manages projects and timelines, tracks crew hours and work, trains, and mentors Crew members on and off the fireline and supports instruction of fireline courses and workshops. The Crew Lead conducts and supports outreach, planning, and coordination of new projects with a focus on identifying projects and partners with completed CEQA both on and off Audubon Canyon Ranch preserves.

The Crew Lead will work to build and maintain relationships in the professional fire community and in the local communities where they are assigned. This may include participation in wildland fire suppression activities in partnership with other non-profits, local fire departments, and local, state, and federal agencies, either as an Audubon Canyon Ranch employee or as a or short-term employee of a partner entity (such as an Administratively Determined short-term federal employee)


Audubon Canyon Ranch

Date Posted

July 25, 2022

Application Deadline