San Francisco Bay Joint Venture

A partnership working to protect, restore, increase, and enhance wetland habitats
throughout the San Francisco Bay region to benefit birds, fish, and other wildlife

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Job Details

Position Monterey Program Coastal Ecologist
Organization Point Blue Conservation Science
Date Posted 2021-11-11
Application Deadline 2021-12-31
Description Point Blue Conservation Science’s Monterey Program is centered on conservation of western snowy plovers and the sandy beach and dune ecosystem along the central California coast. Working closely with the United States Fish & Wildlife Service, California Department of Parks & Recreation, California Department of Fish & Wildlife and other partners, Point Blue biologists gather data on snowy plover breeding success, shorebird occurrence, and beach and dune ecology which are used to formulate conservation actions designed to sustain the snowy plover population and to protect and enhance the coastal ecosystem. Under the supervision of the Monterey Program Lead Ecologist, the Coastal Ecologist performs a central role on the snowy plover monitoring project. Primary duties include snowy plover field surveys, reading color bands, nest searching, brood monitoring, banding chicks and adults, monitoring predator activity, assisting and advising partner agencies in snowy plover habitat protection, and entering and managing field data. The Coastal Ecologist also acts as liaison with partner agencies involved in planning and implementation of predator and habitat management efforts and may train and supervise seasonal field staff and oversee collaborating agency biologists. The Coastal Ecologist assists in managing large data sets, data summary and analysis, writing management assessment reports, grant proposals, and scientific papers, and reviewing and commenting on strategic planning or other environmental documents and works with Point Blue project leaders and other staff and external collaborators to develop and deliver science-based recommendations for specific coastal climate adaptation efforts and related activities. The Coastal Ecologist also performs other field work related to monitoring and management of the sandy beach and dune ecosystem.
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