Tiffany & Co. Foundation grants

The Foundation supports organizations dedicated to conservation of natural resources, an area of vital concern because it is from the natural world that the company draws the raw materials and the inspiration that are at the heart of Tiffany. Partnering with environmental groups that study how to protect our natural resources around the globe will lead to better understanding of how to conserve them. In addition, the Foundation considers groups who concentrate on social responsibility in the area of urban growth and minimizing the negative effects on the environment. The Board of Directors of The Tiffany and Co. Foundation meets annually in January and July.

The three Grant Program Areas considered are Responsible Mining, Coral Conservation and Urban Parks.

Please note that The Tiffany & Co. Foundation is not accepting Letters of Inquiry at this time due to current commitments(updated as of March 6, 2016).

Funding Agency

Tiffany & Co. Foundation



Varies by Grant

Funding Cycle

Application Deadline

September 22, 2022