Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District Grantmaking Program

The updated program is intended to build a collaborative, community-wide approach to environmental stewardship by building the capacity of local community organizations. Public agencies, nonprofits, K-12 schools and academic institutions, and private organizations are eligible to apply for grant funding in three categories:
Applied Science – Proposals that advance scientific understanding of natural processes and promote environmental stewardship.
Network and Partnership Support – Proposals that cultivate, sustain, and grow conservation networks.
Environmental Education, Interpretation and Access – Proposals that educate and promote open space protection.

Funding Agency

Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District


Melanie Askay, Grants Specialist, at 650-691-6507


250,000 total with grants for 25-50,000 available

Funding Cycle

Application Deadline

March 25, 2019