American Wildlife Conservation Foundation

The Foundation’s mission is to aid in discovery, understanding and dissemination of information that supports scientific fish and wildlife management through research, education and habitat conservation. Funding priority is given to proposals from universities, government agencies and other non-profit institutions/organizations which focus on fish/wildlife species-habitat relationships, human-wildlife interaction or conservation education projects. The AWCF is small compared to many other foundations in the USA today, so competition is intense for the funds we have available each year. Evaluation scores that meet or exceed direct application to all three elements of our focus are the more likely applications to receive a grant. Grant money shall only be used for: direct stipend to the field researcher, supplies, reasonable equipment, travel and lodging, if directly related to the research. We do not allow overhead or indirect costs to be charged by the sponsoring institution nor do we allow funds to partially pay for the salary of a supervisor or oversight staff. Grants are only available for proposals applied to the North American Continent.

Funding Agency

American Wildlife Conservation Foundation Grants Program


Robert F. Gotie, Chair, Grants Committee Email:


not specified but

Funding Cycle


Application Deadline

August 1, 2021