2022 San Francisco Bay Estuary Conservation Fund Request for Proposals (RFP)

The following guidelines have been prepared to assist project proponents (“Applicants”) with the preparation of proposals in connection with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation’s (“NFWF”) San Francisco Bay Estuary Conservation Fund (“SF Bay Fund”). The SF Bay Fund was established with community service payments arising from federal prosecutions of environmental cases brought by the United States Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of California. The SF Bay Fund will provide approximately $500,000.00 in 2022 for projects that will conserve, protect, restore, and otherwise benefit the San Francisco Bay estuary environment, including, but not limited to fish and wildlife, and the habitats upon which they depend, such as the water, land, and air resources of the estuary and its tributary watersheds located in, adjacent to, or affecting the estuary (together, the “Fund Area”).

These guidelines are intended to assist Applicants in preparing the necessary information to allow for an appropriate technical and financial review of their proposed projects, and ultimately to facilitate the preparation of a funding agreement (a “Funding Agreement”) for each project that is selected to receive funding. NFWF’s online application system, Easygrants, has been set up to facilitate submission of project proposals.

Funding Agency

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation




Funding Cycle

Application Deadline

August 31, 2022