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Contra Costa County Fish and Wildlife Committee Propagation Fund
Category Local/Regional
Funding Agency Contra Costa County Fish and Wildlife Committee
Title Contra Costa County Fish and Wildlife Committee Propagation Fund
Description The Contra Costa County Fish and Wildlife Propagation Fund is entirely supported by fine revenues resulting from violations of the Fish and Game Code and Title 14 of the California Code of Regulations in Contra Costa County (County). Projects awarded from the Fund must benefit the fish and wildlife resources of the County and must meet the requirements of Section 13103 of the Fish and Game Code (attached). If your project is eligible under Section 13103 (d), (h), (i), or (m) please send a copy of your draft proposal to Maureen Parkes at by November 4, 2021. Staff will coordinate with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to confirm the project’s eligibility to receive funds. See Instructions for more details. All applications that satisfy the requirements listed in the funding application instructions will be considered. The Fish and Wildlife Committee strongly encourages applications related to: · improving habitat · scientific research · public education · threatened and endangered species · resolving human/wildlife interaction issues In addition to the above areas of interest, the Fish and Wildlife Committee wishes to fund one or more projects that increase collaboration with law enforcement agencies and community cultural organizations on enforcement issues and education focusing on communities that may be unaware of local fish and game laws. Projects that provide multilingual signage and educational materials are encouraged.
Amount $ $1,000 - 21,000
Contact Maureen Parkes -
Application Deadline 2022-01-05
Funding Cycle Annual
Document RFP_2022_Final.pdf
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