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A partnership working to protect, restore, increase, and enhance wetland habitats
throughout the San Francisco Bay region to benefit birds, fish, and other wildlife

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Funding Database

National Coastal Resilience Fund
Category Federal
Funding Agency National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
Title National Coastal Resilience Fund
Description The National Coastal Resilience Fund restores, increases and strengthens natural infrastructure to protect coastal communities while also enhancing habitats for fish and wildlife. Established in 2018, the National Coastal Resilience Fund invests in conservation projects that restore or expand natural features such as coastal marshes and wetlands, dune and beach systems, oyster and coral reefs, forests, coastal rivers and floodplains, and barrier islands that minimize the impacts of storms and other naturally occurring events on nearby communities. It is a national program with a regional focus, and targets specific circumstances, needs and priorities. The National Coastal Resilience Fund aims to: Benefit coastal communities by reducing the impact of coastal flooding and associated threats to property and key assets, such as hospitals and emergency routes Benefit coastal communities by improving water quality and recreational opportunities Benefit fish and wildlife by enhancing the ecological integrity and functionality of coastal and inland ecosystems
Amount $ up to 34 million total
Application Deadline 2022-04-21
Funding Cycle
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