San Francisco Bay Joint Venture

A partnership working to protect, restore, increase, and enhance wetland habitats
throughout the San Francisco Bay region to benefit birds, fish, and other wildlife

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North American Partnership for Environmental Community Action
Funding AgencyThe Council of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation
TitleNorth American Partnership for Environmental Community Action
DescriptionThe North American Partnership for Environmental Community Action (NAPECA) grant program is designed to support non-profit nongovernmental organizations in Canada, Mexico and the United States that work with local communities to create a shared sense of responsibility for stewardship of the environment. For 2015–2016, the CEC Council has agreed that the focus of the NAPECA proposals is Sustainable Communities/Urban Initiatives. While there is no specific cap on the amount of funding that can be requested in a project proposal, applicants should be aware that the total monies available to the NAPECA program are limited. In each of the three granting cycles conducted thus far (2011–2013, 2013–2015 and 2015-2017), 19, 18 and 21 projects, respectively, were funded and the average amount awarded in each cycle was approximately US$70,000, although between projects, there was considerable variation above and below that figure.
Amount $$1,325,000
ContactKaren Schmidt
Application Deadline2015-08-26
Funding CycleAnnual
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