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Eden Landing Ecological Reserve Restoration Project

Restoration Project

Ruddy Duck - common winter visitor

The restoration of Eden Landing Ecological Reserve (ELER) has been underway since 1996, with the acquisition of the Baumberg Tract. In 2003, the CA Department of Fish & Wildlife (CDFW) acquired an additional 5500 acres as part of the South Bay Salt Pond restoration project (SBSP), expanding the site to a total of approximately 6400 acres.

Initial stewardship plan activities began in 2004 in the former salt ponds of the expanded ELER. Phase 1 of the SBSP project officially commenced in 2009 and the tidal marsh restoration element completed in 2011. During that time, tidal action was restored to both North Creek marsh and Mt Eden Creek marsh along with several miles of sloughs that connect these marshes to the Bay. Additionally, thousands of pounds of trash, debris and non-native plants were removed by volunteers and native plants were planted and have successfully established along important upland transition areas.

The project seeks to restore a minimum 50/50 ratio of managed ponds and tidal marsh habitat. To date Phase 1, involving ponds E12 and E13 is nearing completion. These two ponds will be adaptively managed to inform future site management. An intricate system of inflow and outflow pipes have been installed and physical conditions will be monitored by conducting salinity experiments wherein 3 paired cells will have similar water depths but salinities varying from ambient bay (30ppt) to 4-times Baywater salinity (120ppt) thereby providing information about waterbird use.

Many new public access features have also been included in the restoration design. Nearly 4 additional miles of spur trails have been added to the Bay Trail, and both a kayak launch and several state-of-the art wildlife viewing platforms have been installed. To protect birds from disturbance, several islands have been created at strategic locations in the managed ponds with varying depths and salinity levels available for shorebird and other waterbird foraging and roosting.

Funding for this project was provided by: CDFW, Wildlife Conservation Board, State Coastal Conservancy, US Fish and Wildlife Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, United States Geological Service, Alameda County, local municipalities, and private philanthropic foundations (Hewlett, Packard, Moore), Resource Legacy Fund, NGO’s and other project partners.

The project site is located along the east side of San Francisco Bay shoreline, in Hayward and adjacent to union city, south of hwy 92 and west of 1-880. Waterfowl hunting is allowed annually on specified winter dates and managed by CDFW.

Visit the Eden Landing Ecological Reserve Restoration Project website for specifics.

Restoration Project
Seasonal Ponds (E13 L, E14 Ctr dry in summer and E-9, tidal). Photo c/o Chris Benton

Restoration Project
Ponds E12 and 13 swale construction - photo c/o Judy Irving

Restoration Project

ELER overview - photo c/o Chris Benton

Restoration Project