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Job Details: ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN III, Department of Public Works, Marin County

Organization Department of Public Works, Marin County
Date Posted 2018-01-04
Application Deadline 2018-01-18
Job Description (brief) Our highly qualified candidate will have experience conducting fieldwork in an environmental studies, science or related field. The candidate has experience operating Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers and associated software programs to collect spatial information in the field and experience with editing Geographic Information System (GIS) data in the office to create a network of features. This ideal candidate will also have experience reading and interpreting maps, keeping accurate records and be able to work outdoors under all weather conditions. The ideal candidate will have excellent interpersonal skills and work well as part of a small field team, make independent decisions to adjust to field conditions and will maintain safe work practices at all times.
Job Description (document) SR44232-Engineering Technician III - Stormwater-Storm.pdf
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