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Job Details: Resource Conservationist, Alameda County Resource Conservation District

Position Resource Conservationist
Organization Alameda County Resource Conservation District
Date Posted 2017-06-13
Application Deadline 2017-06-21
Job Description (brief) The Biologist position is a Resource Conservationist II (RCII) level. This position requires the ability to analyze and solve complex problems related to biology, natural resources, conservation, watershed management, agriculture, grazing lands management and related Conservation Partnership focus areas. In addition, a Resource Conservationist II makes a variety of recommendations concerning the optimal management of natural resources. This is a general position description for all Resource Conservationist II positions that specifically includes a detailed description of Biologist responsibilities. Other RCII positions may have alternative titles and responsibilities reflective of the focus area(s) of the programs and funding sources that supports the position.
Job Description (document) ACRCD_RCII_Biologist_ May_2017.pdf
Job Link http://www.acrcd.org/AboutUs/EmploymentOpportunities.aspx
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