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Job Details: Program Coordinator, Living Arroyos

Position Program Coordinator
Organization Living Arroyos
Date Posted 2017-06-07
Application Deadline 2017-07-01
Job Description (brief) Living Arroyos is seeking a Program Coordinator to handle all the day-to-day responsibilities of running the program. Position is open until filled. The Living Arroyos program coordinator is responsible for the following: • Project implementation—Oversee implementation of Annual Workplan which includes multiple stream enhancement projects provided by each Program Partner. Examples of projects: riparian tree planting, monitoring, and maintenance; stream clean-up activities; and installing willows for bank stabilization. • Manage volunteer program—Recruit volunteers and manage volunteer database. Manage volunteer workdays and ensure volunteers have a positive work experience while meeting project objectives. Assess volunteer experience and identify ways to enhance it. • Outreach, marketing, and communications—Manage web site/blog, Facebook page, and Twitter feed. • Educational programs—Lead and teach up to four (4) "Program Interns" in all aspects of project implementation, including: safe operation of necessary equipment; standard practices for planting, monitoring, and maintenance; plant identification; public engagement; and basics of watershed and riparian ecology. • Budgeting and financial management—Manage expenses to ensure that program services are delivered within budget and coordinate with Program Partners on annual budget.
Job Description (document) LA Program Coordinator.pdf
Job Link http://larpd.applicantstack.com/x/detail/a2kf2d0zz3xz
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