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Job Details: Seasonal Biologist, Spartina Treatment Monitor, Olofson Environmental, Inc

Position Seasonal Biologist, Spartina Treatment Monitor
Organization Olofson Environmental, Inc
Date Posted 2017-03-18
Application Deadline 2017-05-01
Job Description (brief) Olofson Environmental, Inc. (OEI) is an environmental consulting firm located in Oakland, California. OEI manages the San Francisco Estuary Invasive Spartina Project (ISP), a coordinated project of the California State Coastal Conservancy and additional partners. ISP is looking for Spartina Treatment Monitors, who will assist in field monitoring of non-native Spartina (cordgrass) treatment activities and monitoring of restoration plots. Monitors will be trained in the identification of native and invasive Spartina species and their hybrids. Monitors will be trained in the use of ArcPad software on Trimble GPS units to relocate invasive Spartina patches previously mapped by ISP biologists and to record treatment of these patches. Monitors will also be trained in the use of desktop-based ArcPad and/or ArcGIS to edit field-collected data.
Job Description (document) Treatment Monitor Announcement 2017.pdf
Job Link http://www.olofsonenvironmental.com
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