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Job Details: Natural Resources Communications Specialist, Rainwater Basin (rwbjv.org) and Prairie Pothole (ppjv.org) Joint Ventures

Position Natural Resources Communications Specialist
Organization Rainwater Basin (rwbjv.org) and Prairie Pothole (ppjv.org) Joint Ventures
Date Posted 2017-03-09
Application Deadline Open until filled
Job Description (brief) The Rainwater Basin (rwbjv.org) and Prairie Pothole (ppjv.org) Joint Ventures are seeking expertise to oversee the communication efforts of their partnership based bird conservation efforts. Migratory Bird Joint Ventures are voluntary, non-regulatory, regionally based partnerships who cooperatively work together using science and planning tools to strategically accomplish habitat conservation. An important component in the success of joint ventures is their ability to communicate effectively with diverse audiences using a broad suite of approaches. Both the RWBJV and PPJV have Strategic Communication Plans with well-defined communication priorities and needs. The Joint Ventures are seeking capacity to continue implementation of strategic communication priorities. This contract will provide financial compensation to support communication efforts for the two Joint Ventures. Assistance will be split approximately evenly between the two Joint Ventures.
Job Description (document)
Job Link https://my.usgs.gov/hd/news/job-opening-migratory-bird-joint-venture-natural-resources-communication
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