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Job Details: Project Manager - Alcatraz Preservation Program, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

Position Project Manager - Alcatraz Preservation Program
Organization Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy
Date Posted 2017-02-24
Application Deadline Open until filled
Job Description (brief) The Alcatraz Management Team is seeking a qualified individual to assume the position of Project Manager. The Project Manager will facilitate the implementation of the Teamís Alcatraz Stewardship Partnership. The program will produce comprehensive planning, design and construction activities. The function and purpose of the Project Manager position is to facilitate communication, provide coordination, oversight and day-to-day management of various small to large-scale building projects occurring throughout the Island. This position supports the protection and preservation of cultural and natural resources and excellent visitor services. The Project Manager will work closely with the NPS/Conservancy partnership team. As a team member, the Project Manager will engage appropriate staff to efficiently solve problems relative to Alcatraz projects, track and respond to funding needs, minimize costs for outsourcing, ensure that park objectives are being met, and provide effective collaboration and communication among all Alcatraz partners.
Job Description (document)
Job Link http://www.parksconservancy.org/about/jobs/?gnk=job&gni=8a78861159b545760159d1cc926e45de&gns=Bay%20A
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