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California Department of Water Resources Integrated Regional Water Management Grants (IRWM)
Funding Category State
Funding Agency California Department of Water Resources
Funding Title Integrated Regional Water Management Grants (IRWM)
Description Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) is a collaborative effort to manage all aspects of water resources in a region. IRWM crosses jurisdictional, watershed, and political boundaries; involves multiple agencies, stakeholders, individuals, and groups; and attempts to address the issues and differing perspectives of all the entities involved through mutually beneficial solutions. Projects must be included in an IRWMP in order to be eligible, and grant proposals are developed and submitted on behalf of the Bay Area region rather than individual project proponents. The Bay Area IRWMP Coordinating Committee conducted a call for projects with a deadline of April 20, 2015, followed by Project Screening Committee review and CC adoption of a set of projects for inclusion in a grant proposal, which is in development and due to DWR by August 7. The next IRWM funding coming along will be under Proposition 1. DWR is planning to begin crafting guidelines after they have made funding decisions for this last Prop 84 money, probably later this year or early 2016.
Funding Amount
Contact (916) 651-9613 DWR_IRWM@ca.gov
Link 1 http://www.dwr.water.ca.gov/irwm/grants/
Link 2 http://www.water.ca.gov/irwm/resources/ncro.cfm
Link 3
Application Deadline [not specified]
Funding Cycle Annual
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Date Posted Dec 15, 2016, 3:53 PM
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