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Department of Defense Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP)
Funding Category Federal
Funding Agency Department of Defense
Funding Title Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP)
Description SERDP is DoD's environmental science and technology program, planned and eCore Pre-Proposals Due January 5, 2017; SEED Proposals Due March 7, 2017 SERDP released solicitations on October 27, 2016, seeking proposals for FY 2018 funding. Through a Federal Call for Proposals and a Broad Agency Announcement, funds are available through a competitive process to both Federal and private sector organizations to perform basic and applied research and advanced technology development. Core SERDP projects vary in cost and duration, consistent with the scope of the work proposed. The Statements of Need (SON) referenced by this solicitation request proposals related to the SERDP program areas of Environmental Restoration (ER), Munitions Response (MR), Resource Conservation and Climate Change (RC), and Weapons Systems and Platforms (WP). All Core pre-proposals are dueJanuary 5, 2017 by 2 p.m. ET. The SERDP Exploratory Development (SEED) Solicitation provides funding opportunities for work that will investigate innovative environmental approaches that entail high technical risk or require supporting data to establish proof of concept. Funding is limited to not more than $200,000 and projects are approximately one year in duration. This year, SERDP is requesting SEED proposals for the Munitions Response (MR) program area. All SEED proposals are due March 7, 2017 by 2 p.m. ET.
Funding Amount $200,000
Link 1 http://www.serdp-estcp.org/Funding-Opportunities/SERDP-Solicitations
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Application Deadline 2017-01-05
Funding Cycle
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Date Posted Dec 15, 2016, 1:15 PM
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