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California State Coastal Conservancy Climate Ready Program
Funding Category State
Funding Agency California State Coastal Conservancy
Funding Title Climate Ready Program
Description The Coastal Conservancy announces the availability of technical assistance to help vulnerable communities develop Climate Ready Projects. The Climate Ready Program seeks to encourage local governments and non-governmental organizations to take steps to prepare for a changing climate by advancing planning and implementation of on-the-ground actions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and/or lessen the impacts of climate change on California's coastal communities and natural resources.
Funding Amount
Link 1 http://scc.ca.gov/files/2017/05/Climate_Ready_Announcement4.pdf
Link 2 http://scc.ca.gov/climate-change/climate-ready-program/
Link 3
Application Deadline 2017-06-30
Funding Cycle
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Date Posted May 02, 2017, 9:28 AM
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