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East Bay Regional parks Measure WW Urban Creek Grant Program
Funding Category Local/Regional
Funding Agency East Bay Regional parks
Funding Title Measure WW Urban Creek Grant Program
Description Measure WW was approved by voters in Alameda and Contra Costa counties in November 2008. The measure extended Measure AA, approved in 1988, to help the Park District meet the increasing demand to preserve open space for recreation and wildlife habitat. It made funding available directly to cities and special park districts for high priority community park projects. Use of Funds: > $375 million (75%) of revenue will fund Regional Park acquisition and capital projects, with $26.2 million (7%) of that amount held in reserve for unanticipated future needs and opportunities. > $125 million (25%) of proceeds will go to cities, special park and recreation districts, county service areas, and the Oakland Zoo for much-needed local park and recreation projects.
Funding Amount $500 million dollar bond
Contact Assistant Finance Officer Jeff Rasmussen at jrasmussen@ebparks.org
Link 1 http://www.ebparks.org/about/planning/ww#Urban-Creek-Grant-Program
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Application Deadline 2018-02-28
Funding Cycle
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Date Posted Apr 19, 2017, 10:26 AM
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