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California Fish Passage Forum 2018 Funding Opportunity
Funding Category State
Funding Agency California Fish Passage Forum
Funding Title 2018 Funding Opportunity
Description The California Fish Passage Forum, one of 19 nationally recognized fish habitat partnerships, is seeking project proposals to award a total of about $100,000 (or more if funding becomes available) toward fish passage projects that advance the Forums mission to protect and revitalize anadromous fish populations in California by restoring connectivity of freshwater habitats throughout their historic range. Interested applicants should submit project proposals that describe their project and how it aligns with the objectives of the California Fish Passage Forum. The Forum requests that you complete its online application, which allows you to attach requested documents.
Funding Amount $100,000
Contact Forum Coordinator, Lisa DeBruyckere, atlisad@createstrat.com. (503) 371-5939
Link 1 http://www.cafishpassageforum.org/funding
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Link 3
Application Deadline 2017-11-15
Funding Cycle Annual
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Date Posted Nov 29, 2017, 10:07 AM
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