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National Geographic Society National Geographic Society Conservation Trust
Funding Category Private
Funding Agency National Geographic Society
Funding Title National Geographic Society Conservation Trust
Description : Dedicated to the conservation of the world's biological and cultural heritage, the National Geographic Society's Conservation Trust supports innovative solutions to issues of global concern.The trust encourages model projects that engage and inform their areas' local population. Projects that hold potential as media subject matter are also encouraged, as National Geographic's vast audience offersgrantees opportunities to make a broad public impact.The trust will fund projects that contribute significantly to the preservation and sustainable use of the Earth's biological, cultural, and historical resources. No closing date; please submit proposal at least eight months prior to project start date.
Funding Amount $15,000-$20,000 avg.
Link 1 http://www.nationalgeographic.com/explorers/grants-programs/conservation-trust-application/
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Application Deadline [not specified]
Funding Cycle Ongoing
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Date Posted Dec 23, 2016, 11:40 AM
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