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National Geographic Society Long Distance Animal Migration
Funding Category Private
Funding Agency National Geographic Society
Funding Title Long Distance Animal Migration
Description The world's large-scale animal migrations provide aesthetic, economic, ecological, and recreational value. However, migratory species are on the decline globally. Climate change, habitat loss and conversion, poaching, bird strikes, predation (especially by non-native mammals), and competing pressures of a growing global human population are the main threats imperiling the ecological and evolutionary integrity of migrations. Long-distance migrants are particularly sensitive to global change as they start their journeys with no knowledge of the conditions they will find upon arrival. We seek proposals from around the world that aim to test innovative approaches to improve the viability (status, trends, vital rates) of migratory species by addressing issues surrounding land, air, and water migrations, including the migrations of lesser-known species as well as the most important long-distance migrations. Priority will be given to projects that aim to do one or more of the following: fill critical knowledge gaps that can help reverse negative population trends; demonstrate methods for improving population viability; seek to promote the effective conservation of migratory populations and species; develop intervention plans to help overwintering, breeding, or stopover sites; or use public-private partnership models to protect migratory species and pathways.
Funding Amount $10,000-$150,000
Link 1 https://www.nationalgeographic.org/grants/what-we-fund/rfp/long-distance-animal-migration
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Application Deadline 2017-10-01
Funding Cycle Ongoing
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Date Posted Aug 30, 2017, 3:27 PM
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