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The Nature of Americans: Disconnections and Reconnections
Event Name The Nature of Americans: Disconnections and Reconnections
Event Type Webinar
Location online
Host Human Dimensions Branch U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Event Date(s) Aug 17, 2017
Event Time(s) 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Event Description This broadcast wlll feature the recent study, The Nature of Americans National Report: Disconnection and Recommendations for Reconnection. The study compiled insights about the state of Americans' connection with nature, barriers to experiencing nature, and opportunities to break down those barriers. One clear opportunity is the acknowledgement by Americans throughout the country of the importance of nature to our health and happiness. In this broadcast, experts in public affairs, outreach, and social science will share findings from the study and provide actionable recommendations for how you can use this information to bridge the gap between Americans and nature.
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Event Link http://training.fws.gov/broadcasts
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