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Conservation of biodiversity in the hands of Mesoamerican women
Event Name Conservation of biodiversity in the hands of Mesoamerican women
Event Type Conference
Location Hotel Crowne Plaza Corobicí, SAN JOSÉ, COSTA RICA
Host PIF and Congress of the Mesoamerican Society of Biology and Conservation
Event Date(s) Oct 30 - Nov 3, 2017
Event Time(s) 1:00 AM - 1:00 AM
Event Description he Organizing Committee of SMBC encourages participants in this Congress to present summaries of our knowledge on the conservation of biodiversity and to highlight how these advances have improved its management or can improve future management. Given the theme of the Congress, it is important that presentations focus on the work of women in research and as change agents. Partners in Flight is meeting in Costa Rica to promote our interest in understanding and conserving birds throughout their full annual cycle. PIF looks forward to meeting in Mesoamerica to increase partnerships with students and professionals throughout the region. In addition, PIF is interested in examining the relevance of bird and biodiversity science and conservation to the wider fields of sustainable development and human wellbeing. SMBC Themes: GLOBAL CHANGE 1) Adapting to climate change 2) Mitigation of climate change 3) Loss of habitat and impact on biodiversity 4) Invasive species BIODIVERSITY MANAGEMENT 5) Marine-coastal and oceanic ecosystems 6) Freshwater ecosystems and inland aquatic resources 7) Terrestrial and epi-continental ecosystems 8) Public and private protected areas 9) Innovative financial mechanisms 10) Adaptive management 11) Biodiversity and Technology 12) Fragmented landscapes 13) Application of high technology SOCIOECONOMIC ASPECTS OF BIODIVERSITY 14) Social participation, poverty reduction and governance schemes 15) Infrastructure development and biodiversity 16) Management, provision and socio-economic benefits of biodiversity and ecosystem services PIF Themes: CONSERVATION STRATEGIES 1) Economics and Ecosystem Services a) Ecotourism benefits b) Ecosystem services provided by birds and bird habitat c) Birds as umbrella or iconic species for biodiversity and ecosystem conservation 2) Protection and Conservation a) Enhancing protected area management for multiple benefits b) Integrating bird and biodiversity conservation into commodity production c) Markets and certification for eco-friendly products DEVELOPMENT TOOLS 3) Outreach and Communication a) Encouraging citizen science and stewardship b) Building a birdwatching/ecotourism constituency c) Using social science to promote conservation 4) Conservation Planning and Implementation 5) Networking and Development a) Working with sustainable development agencies b) Fundraising FIELD METHODS 6) Monitoring for baseline and project effectiveness 7) Generating and interpreting indices of bird, biodiversity, and habitat conditions 8) Measuring and estimating abundance and survival 9) Skills for obtaining and using sight and sound records: eBird, iNaturalist RESEARCH FINDINGS 10) Ecology/Population Dynamics a) Habitat requirements and habitat management b) Factors affecting survival and reproduction throughout the annual cycle c) Patterns of connectivity and their significance d) Population limitation 11) Anthropogenic impacts a) Climate change b) Pollution c) Urbanization d) Habitat conversion Instructions for the submission of bird-related symposia, workshops, courses, forums, and special lectures: Proposals should be sent to Greg Butcher gsbutcher@fs.fed.us until May 19, 2017 according to the instructions. Space is limited and proposals will be accepted taking into consideration suitability and available space. Please consult with Greg on proposals during development if any questions arise. There is a fee for these events (usually $500). It is great if the organizer can find the funds, but PIF will work to raise the money if the organizer cannot.
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